Top 9 Best Sniper Movies for You to Target in 2020

best sniper movies, sharpshooter movies

Best Sniper Movies

Tell me, you sometimes imagine yourself as a soldier taking part in a war, shooting the bad guys. Many people fantasize about themselves with cool guns that can kill aliens and zombies. Many movies are based upon the idea of war. These movies portray many different perspectives about the war. One genre that is really popular is related to snipers. Yeah, we are talking about sharpshooter free movies with cool headshots.

This article compiled a list of the best sniper movies that you will surely enjoy. The fact that people enjoy sharpshooter movies is because of the skills shown. There is a vast difference between aimlessly firing a gun and shooting someone from a long distance. This is probably why sniper movies are so popular because the person directing that movie has to think about many different aspects. The end results come out as jaw-dropping. So, let us dive into the list of best sniper movies of 2020.

best sniper movies, sharpshooter movies

Sharpshooter Movies

1. Jarhead (2005)

This one of the best sniper movies talks about the life of a Marine sniper who is away from home on the battlefield. Young Anthony Swofford joins the marines in the 1980s. During the time of his training, one drill sergeant makes Anthony’s life hell. Thankfully, staff sergeant Sykes take notice of the potential hidden inside Anthony and suggest he enlist in the scout sniper course. After the grueling training, Anthony becomes a sniper with Corporal Alan Troy as his spotter.

The Gulf war starts, and Anthony is sent to fight in the front lines. This is where the intense psychological battle start, which made Jarhead one of the best sniper movies to watch. With his spotter, both of the guys try to keep their sanity in check. The intense battles and thoughts about his girlfriend cheating back at home continuously disturb Anthony. The reason Jarhead is one of the best sniper movies is because of the psychology that is shown. Although soldiers fight on the battlefield, the battle between their mind and heart is the bigger one.

If you enjoy sharpshooter movies, then Jarhead will be very enjoyable.

2. The Wall (2017)

If you are ready for intense thriller and anxiety, then The Wall is one of the best sniper movies that you should watch. Two American snipers are stuck in the desert of a postwar Iraq. The reason for their immobility is because of a sniper who is playing mind games with them.

The two snipers were responding to a distress call. Nobody is alive when they reach the area and start surveying it. Both of them get confused, and one of the snipers, Shane Mathews, gets critically injured by the bullet from an unknown location. The other sniper, known as Allan Isaac, takes the bullet in the leg and is forced to hide behind a small wall. That is when the struggle for life starts as both of the snipers try to guess the unknown sharpshooter’s location.

The Wall contains intense scenes and the battle between the snipers and the invisible man. It is one of the best sharpshooter movies that you will surely enjoy.

3. Phone Booth (2002)

The reason for Phone Booth to be on the list of best sniper movies is this: This movie is underrated!!. It is not the movie that shows war or combat. Phone Booth is filled with intensity and suspense. Your hands will sweat, and your eyes will get widened while watching this movie, which is one of the best sharpshooter movies. The plot of this movie is unique.

Stuart Shepard is New-York based publicist who is known for his arrogancy. He attends a phone call at a booth, and the caller tells him to not hang up the phone, or he will have a “tangerine sized” hole in his head. The caller tells Stuart that he has a sniper rifle, and the caller will decide what happens next. The caller tells him that he is giving Stuart a chance to reveal the truth to two people who he has wronged.

The rest of the movie is thrilling and filled with anxiety as Stuart struggles to negotiate with the sniper and the police, who thinks that he has killed people around the booth. The sniper killed those people just to prove to Stuart that he is being watched.

If you are into sniper but do not want to watch a movie about combat, then the Phone Booth is one of the best sniper movies that you can watch.

4. The Hurt Locker (2008)

This movie shows the intensity of war when you are an Explosive Disposal Specialist. The viewers can feel the sheer fear and the fragility of life. One person who seems to like this job and is thrilled to defuse bombs is Sergeant William James, who is the new team leader of a U.S. Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit. The previous team leader died in an explosion, leaving behind Sergeant J. T. Sanborn and Specialist Owen Eldrige.

The movie, although it is mainly about bomb disposal and it is not primarily known as sharpshooter movies, it shows very intense sniper scenes. If you are a war movie fan, then you will appreciate the versatility covered in The Hurt Locker. If you are up for some action and thrill, then The Hurt Locker is one of the best sniper movies to watch.

5. Jack Reacher (2012)

If a movie has Tom Cruise as its main character, then you know that it will be excellent. Tom Cruise plays the role of a detective who is known as Jack Reacher. James Barr, an ex-military sniper, is accused of killing five innocent people. When given an option to either tell the truth so he can spend his whole life in jail; or to die because of the death penalty, James tells the investigator to bring Jack Reacher. Jack agrees to help James in defending his case and save him from death. As Jack digs deeper into the case, he realizes that Barr is not that innocent.

Jack Reacher is one of the best sniper movies out there as it talks about a crime that was committed with a sniper. If you enjoy a criminal-detective plot in a film, then Jack Reacher is for you to watch.

6. Shooter (2007)

The Shooter is one of the sharpshooter movies that shows why you should set up an ex-military sniper for something that he did not commit. If you are a fan of crime and thriller, then Shooter is one of the best sniper movies for you to watch.

Sergeant Bob Lee Swagger is living a lonely life after resigning from the army. He is mourning the loss of his friend Donnie, who was his spotter too. High ranking government officials persuade Bob to take part in a mission. He is assigned a task to spot possible sniping vantage points. Bob realizes that the whole purpose was a setup, and now there is a nationwide manhunt. Bob does not go into the life of hiding; instead, he makes use of his unique skill set to prove his innocence.

7. Sniper (1993)

Sniper is one of the classic sharpshooter movies. Thomas Becket is a military sniper who is fighting the rebels in the Panamanian jungle. He was on a mission along with his spotter. They needed to assassinate a Panamanian rebel leader. Thomas’s spotter dies due to being exposed to the daylight. Becket has to run back and abandon the mission. Next time Thomas comes with another mate who is a rookie. Their job is the same as before. They will have to kill a rebel leader. A rogue marksman resides in this part of the jungle where Thomas is. They will have to think about that too.

If you have been a fan of the Rambo franchise, then you will like the scenery that is portrayed in this movie. The jungle and the difficulties in its environment make things tough for an expert sniper. It is one of the best sniper movies that you will surely enjoy.

8. American Sniper (2014)

The American Sniper is the best sniper movies out there. It portrays the life of legendary Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. He had 120 confirmed kills during the tour of Iraq. In American Sniper, Bradley Cooper portrays the life of Chris Kyle. Chris has served four tours in the Iraq War and enjoys his job. He is one of the elite snipers. The struggle begins when Chris returns home to his wife, his daughter, and an infant son.

The battle that Chris fights back at home is far much greater than any of the battles that he has fought. Although he has left the war, the war has not left him. The flashbacks and the PTSD that Chris has affects his family too. Chris wants to rejoin the battle, but it will cost him his family.

American Sniper is known as one of the best sniper movies that have ever been made. It portrays the real horror of wars, the pain that soldiers feel when they try to settle in ordinary life. If you enjoy good sharpshooter movies, then American should be number one on your list.

9. Enemy at the Gates (2001)

This is one of the best sniper movies that covers real history. In the midst of World War 2, Stalingrad is swarmed with German troops. One Russian sniper, Vasily Zeytsev, stalks the Germans and kills them one by one with his sniper. This heroic act of Vasily is noticed by a government official who then uses Vasily to boost the morale of the nation. Vasily thinks that he cannot live up to the expectations, and he is not the right person to be noticed. Germans have sent their best marksman in order to hunt down Vasily. It is a game of cat and mouse now.

If you are interested in the history of World War two, then Enemy at the Gates is one of the best sniper movies that will portray the true horrors of war from the eyes of a Russian sniper.


best sniper movies, sharpshooter movies

We have provided you with a list of the best sniper movies out there. Now, it is your job to turn on the T.V and have a look at many best sharpshooter movies.

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