Top 10 Best Comedy Movies 2020

Top 10 Best Comedy Movies 2020

Feeling Bored at home? No worries because we have brought you a list of top 10 best comedy movies 2020. Now, how about watching some movies and making the best and memorable time for your self.

2020 is an amazing year for movies and some of the best movies have come out this year. In this article, I’ m going to tell you guys about the Top 10 Best comedy movies 2020. So instead of feeling bored and doing nothing at home go and watch some movies.

Best Comedy Movies 2020

So here is the list of best comedy movies 2020 you have been waiting for, hold tight because we are going to get started.

Bad Boys for Life

bad boys for life

The first movie on our list is Bad Boys for Life. This is an American comedy/action movie that has been directed by  Adil & Bilall and it is a sequel to bad boys 2.

In this movie, The two main characters in this movie are Detective Lieutenant Michael Eugene that is being played by Will Smith and  Detective Lieutenant Marcus Miles Burnett that is being played by Martin Lawrence.

The main story of the movie is that The wife and son of a Mexican drug baron start a vengeful quest to kill all those involved in his trial and imprisonment — including Detective Mike Lowrey. When Mike gets wounded, he teams up with partner Marcus Burnett and AMMO a special (tactical squad) to bring the culprits to justice. But our heroes must soon learn to urge alongside their new elite counterparts if they’re to require down the vicious cartel that threatens their lives.

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The Lovebirds

The second movie on my list of best comedy movies 2020 is The Love Birds. Here is the Film synopsis of the Lovebirds.


Our couple is on the brink of breaking up, and it gets unintentionally embroiled in a bizarre murder mystery when an unknown person kills a random guy with the car they are traveling in. Now they are being chased by the police and are on the top of the wanted list.

They need to find the murder to save themselves and as they get closer to clearing their names and solving the case, they need to figure out how they, and their relationship, can survive the night.

Now, this is a really crazy movie and a highly recommended one go right now and watch this movie I’m still laughing out loud.

The main casts of this movie are Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani.

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Irresistible is is a 2020 American political comedy film directed by Jon Stewart. The movie revolves around a Democratic political consultant who helps a retired Marine colonel run for mayor in a small Wisconsin town. It is a really amazing movie that will make you burst into laughter.


And that’s how it made a name on my list of top 10 best comedy movies 2020.

The casts of Irresistible are

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Free Guy

Free guy is a movie that gamers can relate to. Every gamer wants this thing to happen with him that has happened in this movie and so If you are a gamer leave a comment and don’t skip this movie go and watch it on amazon prime.

free guy

The plot of the movie rotates around a guy named guy. Wait that weird right haha. He is a bank teller named Guy and then somehow he realizes he is a background character in an open world video game called Free City that will go offline soon.

It is an amazing movie that is directed by  Shawn Levy. The person playing the role of guy is Ryan Reynolds.

Don’t miss this movie that now the reason why I added it on my list of best comedy movies 2020, go and watch it right now.


Dolittle (The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle) is an American fantasy/comedy/adventure film that is directed by Stephen Gaghan. The main star of the movie is Robert Downey Jr. who is playing the role of  Dr. John Dolittle. The amazing quality of this character is that it has the ability to speak with the animals isn’t that crazy if you think the same tell me in the comment box.


The movie revolves around Dr. John Dolittle who lives in isolation behind the high walls of his manor in 19th-century England. His only friendship is with an array of exotic animals that he speaks to on a daily basis. But when Queen Victoria becomes ill, the doctor and his furry friends go on an epic adventure to a mythical island to find the cure.

This is one of the best movies and you should watch it, there was no reason not to include it on the of best comedy movies 2020.

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Bad Trip

Bad Trip is another movie that made its name on my list of best comedy movies of 2020 not only because its name sounds funny but the movie daaaaaam!! It’s awesome. This amazing piece of art was directed by Kitao Sakurai and its’s featured stars are

bad trip

By movie revolves around two best friends who are pulling hilarious and inventive pranks on the public. This is a must-watch movie so just go on amazon prime and watch it.

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The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run

If you love animated movies and you are a Spongebob fan this is the movie for you. In this movie Spongebob is made waaaaay cuter then he is in the cartoon that is what it makes the movie even better and the movie is really funny that will make you burst into laughter and it couldn’t stop me to add it on the list of top 10 best comedy movies 2020.


In the movie, SpongeBob and Patrick travel to the city of Atlantic to solve the strange kidnapping of Gary Spongebob’s cute little pet. They again prove that there’s nothing stronger than the power of friendship as they face danger and overcome it one after another.

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Blithe Spirit is a  spiritualist movie that holds a séance for a writer suffering from writer’s block but he accidentally summons the spirit of his dead first wife which leads to a really complex love triangle with his current wife.



It is an awesome and very funny movie you should not skip. This amazing piece of work was directed by  Edward Hall and it is and starring Dan StevensLeslie MannIsla FisherJudi DenchEmilia FoxJulian Rhind-TuttAdil RayMichele Dotrice, and Aimee-Ffion Edwards.

All the things in the movie are presented in such an amazing and funny way that there was no way I could stop myself to add this movie on my list of best comedy movies 2020.


The Wrong Missy

The Wrong Missy is an American romantic/comedy film directed by Tyler Spindel. The featured stars are David Spade and Lauren Lapkus, and was released on Netflix on May 13, 2020.

wrong missy

It is a story of a man who invites his dream girl to an island resort and a Disaster strikes, but a previous blind date of his shows up instead.

All the scenes of the movie are represented in a really funny manner and it made an on my list of best comedy movies 2020.

Spy Intervention

The final movie on my list of best comedy movies of 2020 is Spy Intervention.

spy intervention

This movie revolves around the story of a spy who decides to abandon his adventurous lifestyle for the love of his life. But when a psychopath tries to secure a devastating weapon, he soon gives up his boring existence to save not only the world but his marriage as well as he had to marry another woman as a part of his mission.

The movie is directed by Drew Mylrea and Drew Van AckerPoppy Delevingne, and Blake Anderson are the stars of the movie.

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These were all the movies that I included on my list of best comedy movies 2020, I hope you liked this article and found the movie you were looking to watch. Tell me in the comments what movie you liked the best.

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