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Sites for Free Online Education

Free Online Education

Why Free Online Education?

In these dire times of Covid-19, people are facing lockdowns in their countries. Many activities have come to a full stop. There is nothing much left to do. But, one activity that should not be halted, no matter what, is education. Although many institutes have been closed, there is still a way to learn. The answer is Free Online Education.

Online education is a form of learning which is really easy to get your hands on if you have a computer and an internet connection. You do not need to go to top institutes to learn something. One of the benefits of the internet is that everything can be found using our fingers. So in this article, we will talk about free education sites.

These are some free online education sites that provide the best online courses. So let us have a look.


coursere free courses

As the name says, Coursera is designed to provide quality free online courses. Coursera collaborates with 200+ leading universities and companies to provide top-quality online education. They collaborate with Google, IBM, and Stanford so you know that the courses you will learn from will be worth it.

Coursera has a vast variety of topics to choose from. You can learn Business, Computer Science, Data-science related courses. If you are feeling that you need help with personal development, Coursera provides courses on this topic too.

It is one of the best free education sites on the internet, most of the courses listed on Coursera are free or very cheap. So you should check it out.


edx free courses

Edx is also one of the best free education sites on the internet, Edx houses a vast collection of online courses and programs. I am not talking about the topics related to, just science. Although Edx has many courses and programs for science-related subjects, it also has quality content related to topics that are not that scientific. For example, you can take courses related to arts and culture, literature, law. There is so much variety to learn from. Edx is made so that the people seeking online education can learn.

Founded by MIT and Harvard, Edx has one major goal, to remove three barriers of traditional education: cost, location, and access. Edx has 2500+ Online courses from 140 institutions. Most of them are free. After completing the course, you can pay some fee to get a degree.



free education sites

Udemy is one of the free online education sites that provide a huge variety of online courses, like the best online javascript courses to learn from. It is one of the best free education sites as there are over 100,000 courses available to do online learning. Udemy has over 30 million students learning from 42, 000 instructors. Unline Edx and Coursera, Udemy is not driven by institutes and colleges. It allows curators to create their custom courses.

This feature of custom courses has allowed Udemy to house courses covering many topics. You can learn stitching techniques, web programming, drawing, data-science. You can see how much variety Udemy provides. With it’s very easy to use user interface you can easily search for free online courses that you want to learn.

4. Khan Academy

If you are a student, Khan Academy should be your number one choice for online education. It is completely free and very organized, making it easier for children to use. It does not matter if you are in first grade or a college student, Khan Academy has Everything. It focuses on traditional academic subjects like basic physics, maths, and algebra. Online learning is made easier for students.

Khan Academy’s mission is:

“to provide free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere”.

You can see in the moto that, it is a great free online education resource. If you want to pass your tests or excel in school assignments, you should consider Khan Academy’s online courses. They provide a mix of text and video-based materials. All videos are produced with the age of the viewer in mind. If the video is meant for kindergartener’s then the instructor will make sure to make it as understandable as possible.

5. YouTube

youtube education

You would be thinking that I am out of my mind for mentioning Youtube in the free education sites list. No one can blame you for thinking like that. Many of us go to Youtube to watch cute cat videos, gaming commentary, or to watch a favorite vlogger. Nobody thinks of Youtube for online learning or online education. But, I can give so many reasons for thinking that Youtube can be one of the best free online education sites. I am a very huge advocate of Youtube when it comes to free online education.

There are so many channels that are dedicated to teaching. You can learn programming, blogging, vlogging and so much more. You can learn in a very relaxing and happy go lucky way. As the curators and instructors have no pressure from anyone, they can create videos in the way they like. Online courses can be very dynamic as the flow depends on the learners. If the majority is having a problem with some specific topic they can request the instructor to make a video.

It is hard to explain the flexibility that can be achieved by using Youtube as a resource for online education.

I will list some courses which I took from Youtube, that felt like online courses from top education sites.

All of the online courses listed above were of really good quality and the creators knew what they are doing.

Furthermore, along with compiled lists of courses, there are channels dedicated to helping on mental health, making career choices, gaming tutorials. I would say that Youtube is enough if you want to do online learning. Almost 99% of educational videos will be free to watch. It is in your hands to treat Youtube as a free online learning resource.


I would like to conclude by saying that, this is the age of information technology. Online learning is becoming important day by day. Mostly, Everything is within our fingertips. We waste our time and money on so much stuff which will not help us in the long learn. Knowledge and its good implementation can make the world better for other people. Knowledge can be gained by educating ourselves. The sites I have listed above are great for finding online courses for free.

Online learning is a great way to expand your knowledge. With the sources listed above, you are good to go. Go learn something new, learn something which you were not good at. Get a new hobby, learn to paint, or stitch. Whatever you do, do it with patience and consistency.

These were some of the best free education sites where you can go and do some online learning. So if you liked my opinion on these free online education websites I hope that you will do some online learning using these free education sites.

Will you go and do some online learning?

Will you use these free education sites?

Comment and tell us below.

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