5 Simple Reasons to Understand the Importance of Patience

importance of patience, benefits of patience, value of patience, patience and happiness, patience in life

Patience is a Virtue

importance of patience, benefits of patience, value of patience, patience and happiness, patience in life

There is a very popular saying, I am sure you have heard of it, that “Patience is a virtue“. It is a symbol of high standards and morality. Many great people realized the importance of patience and have been practicing it all their lives. Yep, you heard me right, great people have been Practicing it. No one is born patient. Heck, we cry for food the moment we are born.

Patience can be defined as; the ability to tolerate annoyance, delay, or problems. But the true meaning of patience is so much more than this. Patience is the ability to realize, rationalize, or face situations that might be out of our hands. The benefits of patience are so many. You really can not deny the importance of patience in life.

Hold your horses!!

importance of patience, benefits of patience, value of patience, patience and happiness, patience in life

I will talk about why you should realize the importance of patience as soon as possible. But, first I would like to talk about, why people have become so impatient nowadays. It seems like everyone is in a rush. Many people give up so easily on people, ideas, hard work, or their goals. Something is fishy don’t you think? Let us have a look at possible reasons.

If you are a little impatient right now, you can skip to the part where I talk about the benefits of patience. That part is more important for you (I am just joking, do not get offended).

Intense Emotions

importance of patience, benefits of patience, value of patience, patience and happiness, patience in life

In modern-day everybody just feel like a messed up ball of emotions. Impatience can attack you in many ways. If you are going through a bad day there might be a possibility that you will end up doing something that will affect you badly. You will give up on a project that is giving you a hard time. You might end up fighting someone over something petty.

Intense negative emotions can reduce your ability to think. As social media and digital platforms took over, people stopped face to face conversations.  Emotions and feelings cannot be conveyed over text messages and calls. It is said that 93% of communication is non-verbal (55% of body language and 38% voice tone). When you are unable to convey these feelings, they build-up inside you and you end up having a very bad day.

Modern Technology

importance of patience, benefits of patience, value of patience, patience and happiness, patience in life

As I said before, technology has a huge part in the lack of patience in people. It seems like, every day something new is emerging. People want more and better every day. Every 6 months you get a bigger and better mobile phone. A person spends most of his earning on getting something glittery and shiny.

When you are being bombarded with bigger and better every day there is little to no chance that the importance of patience is left inside you. It gets really hard to suppress your urges. When you get used to fast and responsive you unconsciously develop a habit to do everything quickly. You want everything to happen in a flash.

Sense of Entitlement

importance of patience, benefits of patience, value of patience, patience and happiness, patience in life

Some people in this world think that the whole universe revolves around them. Everything that happens should happen because they want it to happen. They are unable to get off of their high horse.

When you think that you are higher than the people around you than you do not really care about them. You want everything the moment you wish for it. There is a reason why a kid gets spoiled. They want everything to happen the moment they wish for it. Ever witnessed a person complaining their head off while waiting in a line? They happen to lack patience in life and they think that they are better than other people.

It is Different and Unnatural

importance of patience, benefits of patience, value of patience, patience and happiness, patience in life

The natural world seems to be very patient. Everything takes their sweet time to nurture and grow. We as humans, need at least 10 years to properly understand basic survival skills. But hey, we are humans, we should do something extraordinary right? We do not really realize the importance of patience when we are young.

Us humans love thrill and adventure. We love something which is different. Do you know what is different? Being impatient. By being quick and fast we achieve a sense of thrill. It gets little boring following rules, stopping at traffic lights, waiting in lines. So why not do something thrilling and unordinary.

Benefits of Patience

Ok, we have discussed why people are more impatient. Now I will talk about the importance of patience or benefits of patience, whatever you want to call it. You might not realize but the value of patience is really high. Patience in life is very important for you as a person. I would say that patience and happiness have a connection. They are intertwined with each other.

Take a deep breath, sit back, relax, as we will now discuss the reasons to understand the importance of patience.

Patience enables you to achieve your goals

importance of patience, benefits of patience, value of patience, patience and happiness, patience in life

Many of the goals that we set up in our life are long term. We think a lot and work hard to achieve those goals. You should remember that many of the good things require a huge amount of patience in life. Good bread needs time to rise. The Roman empire was not built in a day. Steve Jobs did not start generating revenue in a month.

When you practice and realize the value of patience, you master the ability to stand back up after taking a fall. You start to learn from your mistakes. When you do not give up and leave, you learn how to face problems head-on. Although, the disappointments can be painfully disturbing, practising patience in life can teach you to build back up.

So, change your mindset. Remember that some of the greatest people faced so many problems in their journey to success, still, they managed to remain in people’s hearts. According to Entrepreneur.comPatience radically increases your capacity for success.”

Patience in Life, Peace in Life

importance of patience, benefits of patience, value of patience, patience and happiness, patience in life

When you learn that some things are out of your hands and you cannot do anything about them, you tend to find comfort and peace. People get annoyed over little things. When you are worried about stuff and overthinking too much then you do not enjoy the present. By tolerating the uncontrollable we can control the storms in our mind.

We ruin our relationships with many people just because we got a little impatient. Maybe your kids were being a little naughty and you yelled at them instead of teaching them. You do not like hanging around old people just because they are super slow and very annoying. Maybe having a little patience and kindness towards them can help you in getting in good terms with them. By realizing the value of patience and not letting frustration take over you, you can get a peaceful life.

Be a little gentle and tolerant of the situations, you will realize the importance of patience and how easy it is to achieve a peaceful life.

Builds good relations with people

importance of patience, benefits of patience, value of patience, patience and happiness, patience in life

Ask yourself, would you want to be in the company of someone who blows their top when they get mad? If you are a teacher and you get frustrated with the questions of your students, then I have bad news for you, you cannot be a good teacher. The value of patience is so much that you cannot even be a good parent if you do not tolerate little mistakes of your children.

You have to realize the importance of patience if you want to be treated nicely. People like to be with those people who deal with difficult situations calmly. Lots of people think that the ability to wait for your turn is known as patience. No, patience means to be kind to the people who are learning something new. Being patient means to listen and smile when your grandparents are telling you the same story for the thousandth time.

Patience is persistence. No one trusts a quieter. If you are someone who deals with lots of people than having patience is really important. One of the benefits of patience is that people will like you more when they know that you are patient. After this, you will become a person who can be trusted. People will depend on you when you get to know the value of patience. Although it is not important to be loved by everybody, it is nice to be remembered as a good person right?

So remember that one of the benefits of patience is that you become reliable. This means that whoever you meet in your life, it can be your colleague, your students, your friends, or your loved one. They will trust you more because they know that the person like you would not leave them when the time comes.

Makes us Rational

importance of patience, benefits of patience, value of patience, patience and happiness, patience in life

The importance of patience is that it makes us rational. Previously I talked about blowing your heads off after getting mad. Let us expand upon this statement and how patience in life can benefit us. When a person is overwhelmed with emotions the ability to make decisions reduces significantly. The outcomes of this situation can be really bad. A relationship could end, a car accident could happen, or even war can break out.

People who are driven by emotions, tend to be very moody and unpredictable. A person who is always anxious and thinks about things that are not in his control does not live a happy life. You can see how patience and happiness are linked together.

One of the benefits of patience is that it helps us think effectively. If we face a difficult moment than it is important to remain calm. By remaining calm you will have your mind under your control. Hence, you will be able to think without involving your emotions. Emotions are not bad, they are a part of us. Emotions are what makes us a human. But sometimes, negative thoughts are so intense that they leave a bad mark if you get driven by them. When a person is upset they are more likely to face negative emotions and harm themselves.

Whenever you feel that you are being consumed by emotions take a deep breath. Breathing will help your mind focus and will give you self awareness. A person who knows the importance of patience can deal with these kinds of situations very effectively. As I said earlier, patience and happiness come together. Stay calm, everything will be fine.

You can Learn Martial Arts

importance of patience, benefits of patience, value of patience, patience and happiness, patience in life

No seriously, patience can teach you martial arts and also many other skills that you want to learn. The reason I chose martial arts to represent patience because that art is all about patience, simple. It does not mean that you cannot learn how to draw, or how to drive a car by remaining patient. The people who practice kung fu know the value of patience. Karate is not about flying kicks, and backflips, and whatnot. A true martial artist is a person who knows how to suppress his anger and control his emotions. It takes a lot of patience in life, and practice to become a master.

If you want to learn something new, you will have to be consistent and when you remain consistent you realize the value of patience. I am sure many of you have heard about the turtle and rabbit. True winning is not about making big leaps and then resting at half of the way. You are a true winner when you are being patient, learning from your mistakes, and enjoying the benefits of patience.

If you did not realize, this part is about learning something new. One of the benefits of patience is that you become stubborn, in a good way. No matter what problems you face, just like Captain America, you will get back up, you will say “I can do this all day”, rub the blood off of your nose, and get back into the fight. Your situation does not have to be this bloody but you get the point.


I really hope you took your time on this article or at least realized the importance of patience. If you did not learn anything, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, LEAVE RIGHT NOW!!!. No no, do not leave I was just trying to judge your patience. If you are still reading that means you are really stubborn and cannot feel anything. Sorry I did not mean to say that, if you are still reading that means you have a will to learn something. The will to practice patience in life.

The benefits of patience are more than I mentioned in this article. The people who are practising know the true value of patience. Being patient does not mean to just sit back and go with the flow. Patience in life means, to patiently tolerate the obstacles and the annoyance that you will face in achieving your goals. Make your life much better by incorporating patience in life.

Please remember that patience is hard to practice. You cannot just leave behind your harmful ways in a flash. It is a very hard and tough road to follow. But I promise, when you will understand the value of patience, your life will become so much better. You will not get mad when things do not turn out the way you want; your perspective of, That stupid old neighbour will change; your boss will become less annoying. Patience will help you succeed in life and you will make a place in people’s hearts.

If you liked this article you are free to share. Do you have a method that you are following to practice patience? Comment below I would love to hear.


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