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If you talk about fishing and especially saltwater fishing, there are many terms in it like inshore fishing, offshore fishing, surf fishing, Casting, and many more.

In this article, I’m going to talk entirely about offshore fishing and clear many doubts new anglers have when planing an offshore fishing trip. So if you are a new angler, this is an article for you, go through the complete article as we have brought a complete and absolute guide on offshore fishing.

So let’s go on a trip.

offshore fishing

What is Offshore Fishing?

First of all, the most important question is what exactly is offshore fishing. Let me answer this question for you. Offshore fishing is another name for deep-sea fishing where you take a boat and travel deep into the sea about 20 to 30 miles where the depth of the water is 200+meters.

What to Eat Before Going Offshore fishing?

Another most important question many anglers ask regarding seasickness is what they should eat before going offshore fishing to avoid seasickness. The simple answer to this question is just to take a light meal before going on the trip and avoid oily food as that is one of the main reasons for seasickness.

Preparation for An Offshore fishing Trip

Now, this is the main part when you start to plan for the fishing trip. What things should you keep when you have to go on a fishing trip. Well, don’t worry, I’ve made a checklist for you so you can just take a screenshot or note it down.


One of the most important things you need to keep when going on the trip is obviously the fishing cooler. You don’t want to keep water and drinks hot, do you? If its a warm and sunny day, it will be a day you will remember without a good cooler.

I’ll list down some good coolers that will do the job for you that you can buy from amazon make sure to check out the complete table.

Hand Sanitizer

Don’t forget to keep your sanitizer. When you catch fishing or when you are putting Bait on your hooks, your hands will get germ on it, so you have to make sure to have them sanitized before having a meal or taking them into your mouth accidentally.


If it’s a sunny day, you have to protect your face for the sun rays so don’t forget your cap. It will protect some parts of your face and mainly your head from direct heat and prevent it from heating up, which can make you feel sick if. So if you don’t have any cap go and buy some for you and your partners. I’ll list down some caps you can use to cover your head.

Face cover

Another most important to protect your self from the sun in fishing is face cover mask. If you don’t have a face cover, you can’t protect your face from sunburn. So it is important to keep a face mask with you when going on a fishing trip add this to your checklist. If you don’t have a facemask or you don’t know where to buy one, don’t worry because I’ve given a list below.

Sun Block

If you are feeling hot wearing all these things in such warm weather in the middle of the ocean, why not apply sunblock to protect your skin from sunburn.


When you are going on an offshore fishing trip, do not forget your camera, who knows what fantastic thing you come across on your journey you want to capture. Maybe you can find dolphins jumping out of the water or whales blowing out water from there blow holes, you can see tuna jumping, and even you can come across an epic feeding frenzy you want to capture for later.

If you hook on to a fish of your life, you don’t just want to catch and eat it with anyone knowing about it, do you? Make a video of that epic fight and upload it on social media, let everyone know about your catch.

If you don’t have a good camera, go and buy one because it is the most important thing for offshore fishing. I’ll list down some for you.

Life Jacket

You don’t want to take a risk when you are going on fishing, especially offshore. Whether you know swimming or not life jacket is the Most Important thing you need to keep. No one knows when bad things are going to happen, so just as a precaution, always wear them when on water.


If you don’t want your clothes to get, wet keep this fantastic thing with you. You don’t know when it’s going to rain or when the winds are going to blow to make the ocean crazy and just blast water on to you. Keep a raincoat to save your clothes from salty water.


So these were almost all the essential things you need to keep when you are going on an offshore fishing trip, and I forgot one thing please don’t forget to bring light food and snacks with you on the boat, hahaha, who forgets food.

Now let’s move to the other most crucial question.

How to Avoid Sea Sickness?


Look, I don’t want to lie to you seriously; there is no way to avoid seasickness; it depends upon the person himself. A professional angler can also get seasick who has spent his whole life in the ocean, and a person who has never been to the sea can bear the high swell without getting sick.

According to the National Ocean Service

Seasickness is a result of a conflict in the inner ear, where the human balance mechanism resides, and is caused by a vessel’s erratic motion on the water.

If you feel seasick, there is no way you can stop it, by the way, I feel seasick when the water is rough, but there are some precautions that I take that may prevent it for a short time but no guarantees.

  • Eat less oily food before the trip.
  • Avoid the smell of gasoline.
  • Take medicine for seasickness 30mins before getting on the boat.
  • Don’t focus on a single thing like your mobile phone.
  • Avoid staring at the water.

So these were some precations for seasickness you should take following all of these steps will defiantly help you.

Weather For Offshore Fishing

Offshore is not a regular type of fishing where you can go any time you want. Weather is an essential factor when planning for an offshore fishing trip.

You have to check the weather predictions if all is good, the wind speed under 12 knots, there is no rain, and the water swell is also normal it’s a fantastic day go and enjoy your offshore fishing trip but if that is not the case you don’t want to go offshore wait until the weather gets better.



To check the weather predictions, you can use this amazing app known as windy that I use for planning my fishing trips.

How to find Offshore Fishing Spot?

If you are not with an experienced captain, you may find it challenging to find the fishing spot on offshore. When offshore fishing you need to find some right places where the fish would stay like

  • Reef
  • Rocks
  • Ship Wreaks
  • Oil Rigs
  • Some grass or Log Over on the surface of the water
  • Birds

If you found the birds offshore, It’s going to be a fantastic day.

To find these underwater structures, you need to have a good sonar system on your boat, and it is one of the most important things you need to have if you are an offshore addict because without this gadget, most probably you are not going to get what you are after.


Fishing Techniques

Now let me tell you guys what fishing techniques you can use on an offshore fishing trip.


In JiggingJigging, all you need to do is to let your jig reach the bottom of the sea and then start reeling while jigging the rod. That jig action and the shining lure will attract the fish, and it will bite.

When to use Jigging

  • You can use Jigging when you are standing over a structure like a reef, ship wreaks, or rocks.



In Casting, the angler has to tie a lure or a casting spoon at the end of the line, and all he has to do is cast and retrieve repeat this process and wait for the fish to bite.

When to use Casting

You can use Casting in the following conditions

  • If you spot a log or some stuff on the water because there are fish around it like Mahi Mahi or triple Tail.
  • When you spot a pin, most commonly tune jumping out of the water.
  • Where you sea bird activity.

Bottom Fishing

In this technique, the angler has to tie a rig, put the Bait around his hook, and just let his line sink to the bottom of the sea.

Bottom fishing is unpredictable, where you can catch just about everything and any size ranging from fingerling to a giant.

When to Use Bottom Fishing Method

  • You can use it anytime you want when the other methods for not working.



Trolling is one of the best fishing techniques that exist for offshore fishing. In trolling, you just have to set your rod with the right lure, and the boat will continue to move at high speed, and the drag of your reel will do the job.

When to use Trolling

You can do trolling almost the entire trip, the most recommended time where you should troll are

  • When you spot any bird activity
  • baitfish on the surface.

To learn about all of these fishing techniques in detail, you can check my other article that is entirely on fishing techniques All About FISHING TECHNIQUES.

Gear for Offshore Fishing

The fishing gear is one of the essential things when offshore fishing. If you don’t have the right equipment, you are not going to land a fish. Maybe your line will snap, your rod will break, or your reel will get broken. So let’s talk about the fishing gear in detail.


When Offshore fishing, you need to have a heavy-duty rod with you like 60lbs to 100lbs test weight because you never know what beast are you going to face when your line drops at the bottom of the ocean. I’ll list down some of the best rods according to there categories that you can use when fishing offshore.

Trolling Rods

Casting Rods

Jigging Rods


After Rod fishing reels are also a key factor in offshore fishing, that will make sure that you land your dream fish. You can use different kinds of reels depending on what fishing technique you are using and what fish you are targeting. If you are jigging, you’ll probably use a conventional reel or spinning reel with a large spool with heavy drag.

But if you are trolling, you will use a conventional reel with a line capacity of about 500 yards or more.

If you are casting again, use the spinning reel as it is best for Casting. Well to be honest spinning reel is best for all kinds of fishing if you want the best fishing reels, you can check my article that is entirely about spinning reels. I’ve covered everything in detail what you need to look when buying a spinning reel, and I’ve listed some best spinning reels you can buy. TOP 10 SPINNING REELS 2020 UNDER 30$ | An Absolute Guide and Review.

As I don’t have an article that covers trolling and jigging reels in detail, I’ll list them down In the table below with a brief description. If you want an article that covers these topics, tell me in the comments, and I’ll try to speed it up and write about that in a few days.

Trolling Reels

These are some of the best trolling reels that you can use for trolling when on offshore fishing.

Jigging Reels

These are some of the best jigging reels that you can use to catch almost all kinds and all sizes of fish jigging.

I haven’t listed any casting reels as you can use your spinning reels with big spools for casting save you money don’t buy other reels for casting using the same one you use for bottom fishing.


Fishing Lines are also essential when you talk about offshore fishing. You need to be using a line ranging from 50 lbs to 200 lbs depending on the fish you are targeting. If you are targeting a 200 lbs tuna, obviously, you need a massive rod with a heavy line. But if you are targeting a 50lbs amberjack, you thin line like about 60lb line.

If you talk about fishing lines, there are mainly two types of lines; there are other lines too, but anglers mostly use these two.

  • Braided Line
  • Mono

In offshore fishing, anglers use different lines for different techniques.

Angler prefers braided line for almost all kinds of techniques, but when they are targeting monsters like 200+ lbs goliath grouper, sailfish, and sharks, they usually use mono that the fish can not break in a million years.

In Casting, you’ll notice that anglers will always choose braided lines as their diameter is small, and their weight is also very light as compared to mono. Because of these specialities in the braided lines, you can cast the lure ten times more further than using a mono line.

Both the lines have their advantages and disadvantages that we will cover some other time in another article in detail.

Some ethical and trusted brands of Fishing Lines are

You can find some good Braided Lines Here. Braided Lines

Here are some excellent mono Lines. Mono Lines

This was all about the fishing lines; for now, let’s get to the next part soon.


Lures are the most important things you need to have in your tackle box if you love casting, trolling, and jigging. When offshore fishing, you have a lot of opportunities to try all this stuff.

So the question is, are the lures for Casting, trolling, and jigging the same. I would simply say no.


If you talk about casting there are multiple types of lure you can use like

  • Twitching Lure
  • Casting Plugs
  • Casting Spoons
  • Viber Lures


Now, in trolling, there are some different lures that you can select according to the type of fish you are targeting. There are uncounted lures for trolling that are used in various conditions Like

  • Deep Diving Plugs if you are targeting fish that stays deep in the water like the depth of 7-12 m. For example, KingFish, Wahoo, Tuna. These fish comes at the surface too, but that depends upon the water temperature.
  •  Top Water Plugs if you are targeting a fish that stays on the surface or when there is an activity on the surface. With these plugs, you can catch like Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Queen Fish, and even marlin if lucky.
  • Metal Spoons
  • Jet Head Lure/ Squirts
  • Dead Bait Like ballyhoo
casting lure

Top Water Plug


Jigging lures are different from casting and trolling. Jigging is a pure offshore fishing technique in which the angler uses a large shining metal lure with different colors that looks like an injured baitfish when action is applied to it. Big fish like Amberjack, wahoo, and kingfish get attracted to it and eats that lure.

jigging lure

What Fish Can You Come Across When Offshore Fishing?

Now Finally, let’s talk about what fish you can come across when on an offshore fishing trip. I’ll give the list of only the best fighting fish and the most targeted one because if I listed all the fishes, It would take a long time, so enjoy the list and tell me what fishes have you caught.

Now, these are some of the fish that you should always target when on your offshore fishing trip.


I hope you guys found this complete and absolute guide on offshore fishing useful. If this is the case, tell me in the comments and If I missed something, tell me that too.



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