How Keeping Calm in a Crisis Affect Your Life Positively

keeping calm in a crisis, benefits to staying calm, staying calm

Some of us have been there, doing something or just minding our own business when BAM, something out of the ordinary happens. Maybe a sudden mood change, stress about the future, an unexpected event, anything that just shakes us from our core. Everything goes blank and we cannot think about the solution. Negativity starts surrounding us and there is nothing other than hopelessness. This is where the ability: keeping calm in a crisis can help.

There are people who are lucky and wise enough to know, how keeping calm in a crisis can change the whole environment of your mind. There are many benefits of staying calm. For people like me, who suffer from overthinking and anxiety, keeping calm in a crisis is a skill that can benefit us. Learning this ability can turn our whole lives around.

I will try to cover, how to learn staying calm in another article. I will post the link right here. Before learning anything, you have to know the benefits and how it will affect you. So in this article, I will just talk about the benefits of staying calm. After that, you can go on and learn the art of keeping calm in a crisis. Got it? Great. So let us start.

Keeping Calm in a Crisis and The Benefits

Helps You Focus

keeping calm in a crisis, benefits to staying calm, staying calm

Your whole world turns upside down when you hear unexpected bad news. It is hard to think about any solution. One thing that you totally want to avoid when a crisis happens is losing your mind and getting completely lost.

One of the benefits of staying calm is that it gives you a powerful ability called the focus. Once you know how to step back and take control of the situation. There is nothing that can get you down. Once you are focused, you can assess the situation and act accordingly.

If you suffer from chronic mental health disorders, realizing the pattern and keeping calm in a crisis becomes more important. If you do not assess these patterns, then you will go down the rabbit hole of negativity. Some of us know, how terrible it is to lose ourselves to negativity.

Focusing allows you to observe everything that is going around you. After this, you can act accordingly to the best of your abilities. This is one of the important benefits of staying calm.

Keeps Extreme Emotions At The Bay

keeping calm in a crisis, benefits to staying calm, staying calm

Continuing on the topic of focus, once you have assessed the situation and realized what is going on. You now can work upon the solutions without any negative biases. Keeping calm in a crisis can help you deflect negativity.

You see, one of the benefits of staying calm is that it helps us in keeping any kind of extreme emotions at the bay. If you start acting out on emotions that are extreme on the spectrum (these emotions can be extremely positive or extremely negative) then there is a chance that either you will hurt yourself or someone.

One thing that needs to be addressed is that it is okay to feel emotions. Trying to not feel emotions and staying numb all the time is unhealthy for an individual. So many relationships are tarnished if a person stays guarded and walled up. It is completely okay to feel emotions, no matter how extreme they are.

But, there is a difference between feeling emotions, and acting out on them. When a person faces a crisis, their negative emotions get heightened and they can hurt themselves. Keeping calm in a crisis enables us to acknowledge the emotion but it also allows us to not act on them.

Keeping calm in a crisis gives us power over the extreme emotions. We can not control other people or events but once we learn to control ourselves, there is nothing stopping us from being effective and cool.

Destroys The Negativity Trap

keeping calm in a crisis, benefits to staying calm, staying calm

If you constantly find yourself in crisis and situations that are bad for you then there is a possibility that you blame everything on yourself. Chronic negative thinkers like to blame every situation on themselves. Rumination is a common habit that happens after facing a crisis.

Once you learn keeping calm in a crisis, you can realize quickly that you are falling into the negative thinking cycle. Negative thinking pattern and rumination are extreme emotions that can lead to acts that can be harmful to our physical and mental health. One of the benefits of staying calm when you are feeling negative is that you can assess your emotions and feelings right away.

The negativity trap gets worse the more time you spend in it. Once you realize that you are falling in that trap, you can try to get out of it. The ability to stay calm at the start of the negative pattern helps you realise your situation, you may realize that some things are not in your control and you were not the reason. This kind of thinking can give you power over negativity. This is one of the huge benefits of staying calm.

It is important to remember that along with staying calm there are other things that you may have to realize and learn if you want to stop negative thinking. Keeping calm in a crisis is just the initial part of the process.

You Look Coooool!!!

keeping calm in a crisis, benefits to staying calm, staying calm

Now come on, who does not want to look cool? Imagine yourself in a leather jacket or whatever cool clothes that you can imagine. Imagine all the problems and all the crisis in your life as scary monsters/aliens or whatever. They all are trying to attack you and take you down. You are just standing there, cool and calm, maintaining your posture. Flames everywhere, rock music in the background. You start ploughing every single monster in your sight. How cool is that?? That is a true definition of keeping calm in a crisis. One of the benefits of staying calm is that you look cool

When you are unshakable and make decisions without breaking a sweat, when you do not give up to your extreme emotions or negativity, there is something in those actions that are so sexy. Anyone who is capable of making rational decisions is trustable. You surely would not want to be operated by a surgeon who gets shaky when they see blood. You probably would not be a good firefighter if you are scared of fire.

Benefits of staying calm are: improved relationships with people, cooling down when you are angry, making effective communication etc. In my opinion that is pretty cool. A person who does not lose themselves in their emotions is a person who can be trusted. A calm mind is an ultimate weapon against any challenge in life.

The first paragraph of this heading might be taken as a joke but seriously, just remember that keeping calm in a crisis pays well in the future. There are many benefits of staying calm that are hard to write in words.


I hope you enjoyed the article. Benefits of staying calm are never-ending. Once you learn this ability, you feel like that there is nothing that can shake you. There are ups and downs in life, and it is ok to feel bad but it is dangerous if you act upon those feelings. Feel the negativity, let it pass through you, accept that there are things you cannot control. Once that period is over, get up and fight your problems with pride.

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