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Do you share your photo on Instagram, and no one likes them because you have fewer followers? If that’s the case, don’t just worry because we have brought you an amazing INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS SCRIPT using javascript that will help you gain real followers within no time so let’s get started.


gain instagram followers


So first, I’m going to teach and explain to you guys how you can make the Instagram followers script, and then I’m going to give the downloadable file at the end of the article so you can download and use it to gain followers for your self.

Before getting started, let me clear this thing to you guys that this script is completely safe to use; it 100% works, and I’m going to provide the proof once I complete this short tutorial.

To get started, all you need to know is a basic knowledge of JavaScript and Google developer tools. To learn javascript, you can check my other article, How to learn javascript, in a short period of time.

First of all, log in to your Instagram account using your laptop or PC and open the react developer tools by pressing Ctrl+ shift + I or using right-click and selecting the Inspect option.

So before starting to write the  Instagram followers script, I want you to move any account with a high following; in this example, I’m on a javascript account that has about 490k following so, 1st step chooses an account with a high following.

After going to a high following account, navigate to the console in the dev tools that is right after the Elements tab.

Now let’s start writing the Instagram followers script in the console.


Let me just explain to you guys quickly what we will do in the Instagram followers script, what our target is. All we have to do is to make a chain/loop of regular follow and unfollow the account. Wait, do you doubt me that it won’t work? Wait till I show you the prove.

To achieve this, we have to get the class of the button so to do that, right-click on the follow button and select inspect. When you do that, you’ll see this code highlighted:

<button class=”_5f5mN jIbKX _6VtSN yZn4P “>Follow</button>

From this, select any class name you want _5f5mN or yZn4P; it doesn’t matter. Grab the class name


Press enter, and you’ll see that it’s an array of 2 buttons, and the value at the 0th index is what we want the subscribe button, so do we’ll grab the 0 indexes.


Now, as it is a button and we have to click it, we can call the .click method on it like


In the picture, you can see that Once I ran the .click() method, I followed the account now, I have to unfollow it, and then we’ll run a loop over it.

To unfollow again, inspect the button and get its class, which will be like:

<span aria-label=”Following” class=”glyphsSpriteFriend_Follow u-__7″></span>

Copy its class get it using document.getElementsByClassName and again target its 0th index and run the .click() method. By doing this, it will open a box to select a form to unfollow or cancel.

If you inspect the button, you will get this code highlighted.

<button class=”aOOlW -Cab_ ” tabindex=”0″>Unfollow</button>

Choose any class and grab it by 0 indexes, and this will unsubscribe the account. We have now reached about half of the Instagram followers script. Okay, I know what you are thinking; you think that we have covered all the steps. Now we put it in a loop, and boom, we can run it as many times as we want but wait, let me show you something.

Before putting it in a loop, let’s try to run all the code at once. To move to the next line in the console, press Shift + Enter; otherwise, it will execute the code.

It ran the first line and followed the account, but It gave an error on the second line. So it happened because all the lines were executed at once, but they are dependent on each other; 1st line has to complete its tasks to make the other line successful, so now, to solve this, we have to tell the other lines to wait.

To achieve this, we’ll use the setTimeout() method.

Wrap all the 3 lines in setTimeout:

setTimeout(() => {

The first argument it takes is the function we want to execute, and the other is the time it will wait. Wrap all the lines in setTimeout() and now run the code.

Now that it is done and the script is working let’s put it inside the for loop and take it to the test drive.

As you see now, the out Instagram followers script is working perfectly.

Now the next question is, does this really work? Let me show it to you guys now. This was the screenshot when I executed the script, and you can see how many followers I gained using the script.

Download Instagram followers Script

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I hope you liked the tutorial of the Instagram followers script and If you gained followers using the script please share these articles and leave comments on what do you want to learn next. If you are stuck somewhere and you need help, feel free to contact us anytime. And please don’t use the script too much just in a day or switch accounts on which you are using the script.


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