google adsense approval

Google AdSense approval

Frogtok has just completed it’s 1 month on the internet. We have worked really hard in all of the processes to make it as presentable, readable, and enjoyable for everyone. Through all of this journey, we did not think that we will be able to reach this milestone. Our hearts were filled with delight when the email came for the Google Adsense approval came. We have been working so hard and been giving so much of our time to this website, it felt like a milestone, and IT IS A MILESTONE. We did not predict that Adsense approval time would be this short but hey, we are not being ungrateful.

google adsense approval

Considering that there are so many people out there working so hard for their blogs, they give so much time to their sites but they cannot seem to get the Google Adsense approval. They obliviously get into bad practices, bad SEO, bad research skills that all of their hard work cannot make up for these atrocities. We started with no experience in this field but after this Google Adsense approval, we think that we can help other people out on the internet. We have listed all of the Adsense approval tricks and tips that you can also apply for your blog. If you follow these steps then you can expect a much shorter Adsense approval time.

We will list all of the steps that we followed and we think that following these steps will get you the Google Adsense approval. Let us start, shall we?

Maintaining the Consistency

This is not an unknown fact. The famous Hare and the Tortoise story also gives the same lesson. Being consistent will take you to your goal. If you are doing everything, you have every tool and everyone’s support but if you are not being true to yourself and not sticking to your goal, then you will end up very badly. Water droplets make a hole in the rock if they consistently drop on it. It is important to stay disciplined and following a good routine if you want to achieve something.

Getting Google Adsense approval also requires consistency and discipline. Make sure that you are publishing something on your blog constantly. We would say that you should try to achieve 25 articles in a month. This sounds hard because you will have to be working almost every day but if you want to get the results than this out of the many Adsense approval tricks should have to be followed.

If you are posting constantly, this means that people will keep coming to your blog. If you have nothing to present, what would they do? So it is important to keep posting something interesting that will help you in getting the viewers, also one of the first criteria for the Google Adsense approval is, your website should have useful and unique content. If you want to shorten the Adsense approval time then this trick has to be absolutely followed.

Attractive Content

google adsense approval

This is one of the important Adsense approval tricks. If you want to quickly get the Google Adsense approval then you must have quality content that your viewers can enjoy. Let us imagine that you are being very consistent and have articles for your viewers to read but you find out that the bounce rate of your site is very high. Turn on the alarms!!! A high bounce rate means that your website and the content on it is plain and very boring.

To make sure that the viewers have a good time on your website and to lower the bounce rate, you will have to put in some work. We will list some of the tricks that you can follow in order to have quality content that your site visitors can enjoy. These tricks will help you in lowering the bounce rate and increasing traffic, and you will be able to get the Google Adsense approval in no time.

Always care about the format of the article. Make sure that content is divided nicely into sub-headings. If you are writing a tutorial then if you can, you should embed youtube videos in your articles just so the users can also visualize what is going on. Make sure that you are not using copyrighted images. One of the sources that you can get nice images for your article is Unsplash. Make sure that images are compressed and nicely sized. If you follow these steps, you will be able to write attractive articles that your users will enjoy. You will also shorten the Adsense approval time.

Good Research

google adsense approval

No one likes to be fooled with the wrong information. If you are uploading content that does not make sense to the people reading it, then you will have a very hard time getting the Google Adsense approval. In order to become a respectable source of information and knowledge for your users, you will have to up your researching game. This one of the many Adsense approval tricks will help you in increasing the traffic to your website. When people will find your blog as reputable, they will visit it again and again thus shortening the Adsense approval time.

In order to have a good knowledge of the topic that you will write about, you will have to gain information from many resources from the internet. In order to have knowledge about the topic, you will have to read at least 5 to 6 articles about the topic. If you are sure that your research is good, you can start writing about the topic.

Marketing The Website

In order to have Google Adsense approval and to shorten the Adsense approval time, you will need a good marketing strategy. You will have to make yourself recognizable, in order to gain traffic and to rank on the google pages. Along with the other Adsense approval tricks, this one is also very very important if you want to quickly gain Google Adsense approval.

google adsense approval

If we talk about our experience, we had a huge success in marketing through Facebook. Whenever we posted something new, we made sure to publish it on the relevant Facebook groups. When you are posting on Facebook groups, make sure that you are following the group rules. If you want to market your content then you will have to make sure that it is eligible and plagiarism free. If you are already following the previously mentioned Adsense approval tricks than you will have no problem in building a good reputation.

Once you have set up a website, make sure that you set up social media accounts. If you are just starting and have no previous experience then you should focus on Facebook first. If you manage to gain followers on your social media, they will read all the articles and thus you will get traffic. This will help you in indexing your posts on google. Shortening your Adsense approval time and increasing the chance of Google Adsense approval. Keep in mind that you will have to follow the other Adsense approval tricks too.

You can also promote your content on Quora, Reddit, and Pinterest.

Good SEO Research

In the end, I will mention one of the most important Adsense approval tricks and give you a pdf to help you in the process. I know, I know, I kept saying that the other Adsense approval tricks are important but this one is the most important. The importance of SEO is so much that if you do not have good SEO than your blog will not be recognized by google at all. Hence there are no chances that your articles will rank. You will have to forget your dream of Google Adsense approval.

Make sure that you have a nicely optimized website. You need to have an About Page and a Contact us page if you want to get the Google Adsense approval. You will have to create backlinks for the articles on your website. Backlinks matter very much if you want to rank your site on google. All of these steps for SEO that you will take will shorten the Adsense approval time.

Your keyword research has to be good. If you want people to find your website when they type in a query on Google than you surely need good keyword research. You will also have to keep in mind all the meta tags, your title, and other stuff, etc. SEO research is a vast topic and there are many websites and resources from which you can learn about SEO.


Congratulations if you have made this far. This proves that you have a thirst for knowledge and success. All of the above Adsense approval tricks have been followed by us in the whole of this process. If you follow every step you will shorten the Adsense approval time. The reason we got Google Adsense approval is all of the above-mentioned steps.

Other points that you should keep in mind are, you have to be passionate, sincere, and true with the work that you are doing. It does not matter whether you get Google Adsense approval in a month, it is all about the journey, if you are enjoying the journey of learning and growth then nothing else matters.

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