How To Become A Software Developer in 2020 | A Complete Guide

How To Become A Software Developer in 2020

The Global process of digital change, while something of a buzzword, shows a significant truth: every firm is now a technology firm. Whether the company is World Bank, Airlines, or Tesla, investment in top software engineering talent isn’t a future goal, it’s a matter of survival. As part of that mission by which makes the life of peoples easier, we try to empower promising companies and job seekers through data.

The following data is a compilation of insights designed to bring to life the trends shaping digital change. We believe that publishing this data will maintain fueling significant career discussions among the developer communities and provide software designers with the actionable information they require to achieve their professional objectives.

Each year, there appears to be a trendy unique role that explodes onto the hiring picture. Last year, that surprise was the blockchain engineer, while 2020 seems to be the year of AR/VR (with demand rising by +1400%). It’s worth seeing that demand growth for blockchain engineers reduced to 9% this year, normalizing from its explosive 517% increase last year.

We see the increase in the AR/VR market as a direct observation of the technology itself coming of age for a wider swathe of business outside of gaming. Many diverse types of companies are adopting the capabilities of this world-building and improving technologies.

software developer

In 2019, average salaries for top engineering roles went up by nearly 13% in London, 7% in Toronto, 7% in New York, and 6% in the SF Bay Area.

Demand for AR/VR talent is up by 1400%, mirroring blockchain’s 517% demand growth last year.

Demand for frontend and backend designers grew firmly by 17%, which proves that all companies — not just Silicon Valley tech giants — are evolving into being tech organizations.

In large tech centers, AR/VR Engineer wages range from $135k – $150k.

The majority of software designers predict we will see the full force of AR/VR within the next 5 years.

While pay for most Americans has increased between 3 – 3.5%, top engineering roles have seen wages grow at double that price: 6% and 7%, respectively.

For passion, not money: The #1 reason most software designers chose their career is “new challenges and continuous training” beating “earning potential”. Their #1 goal in the next 10 years: continue making cool stuff.
Almost 1 in 2 software designers say machine learning is the most exciting field in software engineering today.

Google’s Go language holds its position as the #1 most wanted coding skill for the second year running, earning an average of 9.2 interview requests for every Go-skilled applicant.

No degree, no problem: More than half (54%) of designers say if they were a hiring manager they would not incline an applicant with or without a software engineering degree.

VR headset.

Make a goal for what you want to achieve:

The first step on how to become a software developer is you have to make a goal that you want to achieve.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it” – Steve Jobs

It’s easy to determine to find Goals based on your career objectives in Software Engineering, but if you are autodidact and don’t know how to set career goals for yourself, you’ll need someone. 

For a self-taught student, no matter what decision you have made in the past, let’s get into what choices you’re having now. But keep in mind that whatever decision you’re gonna execute in the future, the most crucial point is to get back to form your hard skill which is programming to a particular level ( Must Follow the 10,000 hours rule from Malcolm Gladwell) or else zero chances can back you up when things go devastating.

A) Freelancing


in 2020 Software Engineering is the single most industry that generates one of the highest revenues. Except you require quick money, regardless of your education, and level, you shouldn’t take this journey. It’s more reliable and better for developers who work in solo. Furthermore, you can’t learn much completing freelance jobs because most freelance projects for an individual are modest in scale, there’s no way you can produce such high skill by doing freelancing. And for the most unfortunate, it’s time-consuming creating content, products for somebody that you don’t bother about.

Here is an article about the crises faced by freelancers and if you need clarity, Click Here. Time is a precious resource that should be used carefully. Pros of freelancing :

  • Freedom of Customers
  • Power over Workload
  • Flexibility
  • Exposure

B) A Corporate job

how to become a software developer

This can be a great opportunity depends on what corporation you’re gonna work for. Managing a corporate lifestyle can help you in various ways if you pick the right one. You could learn how to collaborate efficiently, workflow, and methods, learn from your co-workers, managers, and build new relationships, growing your network. All of that could provide a much greater return on investment later in your career.

Moreover, the company’s projects usually have a larger scale and time developing applications that could able you to practice your hard skill sets much more helpful than freelancing. I think you should go with this one, working for a corporate assignment a few years before taking off your wings to someplace else. Cons of a Corporate job :

  • No Social Life
  • Spend a lot of Time with Computers
  • Toxic Lifestyle
  • Never-Ending Learning Curve

C) Start a startup


85% of startups sink in the starting months and there’s no way you can predict the future to get around that. In different terms, the default result for a startup is a failure, that being said it’s still not unachievable for anyone to be in the 15% unless but that’s extremely hard work. So before you want to take on this course, you need to consider twice about yourself and the approach as well. I

f you believe that your idea can’t fail and completely captivated by your solution then you may start a startup. And the startup is not only about the idea, but it’s also about executing your idea and market it to other people so you can get genuine feedback and many more other stuff to do.

If you’re not frightened and are ready to work longer than 12 hours a day then it’s your choice to give this a try. Nonetheless, you could apply to work for a startup to see what’s it look like in a startup.

Whatever choice you’re gonna make, be honest with yourself and have a plan, don’t just go with the emotions unless you understand that you have great inspiration. Pros of working in a startup :

  • The firm is on a purpose.
  • Employee impact is clear.
  • A modern environment.
  • You’ll find versatility and range.
  • You’ll take on more duty.
  • You’ll discover – a lot.

Select a language:

The second step on how to become a software developer is to select and get started with a particular programing language.

The programming and developer communities are developing at a rate quicker than ever before. Many new programming languages are coming up that are suited for various categories of developers (newcomers, average, and specialists) as well as for many use cases (web application, mobile applications, game development, distributed system, etc). Every beginner is confused with the question, “What programming language should I learn?” Let us take a look at the most useful Programming Languages to study in 2020 for a job and prospects.

Technology stack

Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn In 2020:

Here is a list of top 10 programming languages for a software developer.

Here is a Playlist to one of the Best Free Python tutorials on Youtube, Click Here.

Top 10 Coding Challenges Websites:

Top 10 Websites to Learn to Code:

Importance of Social Media:

social Media

The third step on how to become a software developer is to make your presence felt on social media.

Development cannot proceed in isolation whether it may be at a micro or macro level. So there was a lack of a strong mechanism to connect people instantly so that the data transfer is never-ending and immediate. Media for developing uses to convey messages on issues such as health care, poverty reduction, good governance, environmental protection, and community development today.

The society is becoming a small place to live in and give knowledge, ideas, and passing over worthy culture to the next contemporaries, all the above-said things are achievable through social networking and media. Every phase of the society has positive and negative externalities so we need to see how these negative externalities can be balanced and surpassed through positive externalities to reach development in all dimensions. Here are the top communities for developers in 2020:


Code Newbie is a blog, podcast, and Facebook group.

The creator of Code Newbie, Saron Yitbarek, is well-known for hosting Twitter chats with the hashtag #codenewbie. You can check their website to find out when the next Twitter chat is happening.

The Code Newbie Facebook group is a great place to get help as a new programmer.

Also, you can tweet anytime with the #codenewbie hashtag to connect with their community.


Hash Node describes itself as a place where you can ” share your life as a developer and connect with the best developers from across the world.”

They host Reddit style AMAs with different engineers. On top of that, they have a section of their website dedicated to inspiring developer stories.

Most communities on this list focus on the professional aspect of coding, so it is nice to join a community that focuses on the personal aspect of life as a software engineer.

Facebook Groups:

Next up is Learn to Code With industry experts.

With over 5K members on an average big group on Facebook, It is a great place to get your queries on how to become a software developer in 2020.

Hacker News:

Hacker News is Y Combinator’s news aggregator. If you aren’t familiar with Y Combinator, they are one of the biggest startup incubators. Stripe, Airbnb, and Instacart are some of the big names that went through YC.

On Hacker News, you will find news and discussions that focus on technology, startups, and programming.

The Hacker News community is known for being one of the friendliest on the internet, so it is an excellent place to meet new people and get encouragement.


For a software developer, StackOverFlow is just like water and oxygen.

In the early days of programming, when you encountered a problem, you were on your own. StackOverflow changed that and revolutionized programming by putting the answers to millions of programming questions online.

Anyone on StackOverflow can post a new question and, most likely, get an answer within an hour. Be careful, though. StackOverflow’s community is notorious for treating anyone that doesn’t follow their guidelines harshly. is a combination of Medium and StackOverflow. Anyone can post a coding-related story or question, and the community upvotes the best submissions.


For any software developer, GitHub is a must platform that they should use to build up their portfolio.

Anyone can upload their code on Github than your project is a skeleton. It does what you need it to do, but you’re not always certain how the wider community will implement it—or if it also works for everyone. 

Fortunately, when you post your project on GitHub, the broader community of programmers and hobbyists can download and judge your work. They can give you a heads-up on potential issues such as conflicts or unexpected dependency issues.

Because GitHub is a repository, it allows your product to get out in front of the public. Furthermore, it is one of the largest coding communities around, so using it can give wide exposure for your project and for you. The more people you have to evaluate your project, the more attention and use it is likely to attract.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article helped you and I hope now you know how to become a software developer kindly comment and ket us know your views.
Let me know what is the latest tech news and share this article so someone might also find it helpful.

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