Fun and Effective Ways to Stay Awake and Stop Being Sleepy

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Ever had a school assignment or job presentation that you had to complete but cannot stay awake? We all have been there. When you have to complete the task until the morning, but you can not stop feeling tired. Your eyes shut down on their own, and the yawning does not stop. You cannot leave everything and go back to your comfy bed, right?


If you are feeling this way right now, then fear not, we have listed some fun and effective ways that you can follow to stop being sleepy. It does not matter from where you are reading this article. At least one method will help you out in scaring away the unfortunate drowsiness and will make you stop feeling tired for at least a short amount of time. Remember, proper sleep is essential, and you should not stay awake by scrolling through social media and watching movies. These methods should only be followed when it is necessary to stop being sleepy.

Get Up and Dance

An average person spends most of their time sitting. You would be sitting in a classroom, office, car; you name it there is one way or another, a person will find a way to relax. The act of sitting makes us comfortable, and hence it gets harder to focus and to stay awake. One thing that you don’t want while completing your due homework is to feel groggy. To tell your brain: “Hey!! We are not sleeping yet; we need to get some work done” you will have to get up and move.


If you cannot dance or do not feel like dancing, then no worries. It would be best if you had some movement to stop being sleepy. You can run up the flight of stairs, jump around (don’t do this in front of people if you do not want to be judged), do some shadow boxing, etc. The central theme of this method is to make your brain stay functional. When there are so many sensory inputs, it will be easier for you to stop being sleepy. Now go out there are and get your body moving if you want to stay awake.

Make a Light Snack

If you are feeling extra bored and super sleepy, then this is the perfect method for you to stay awake. Mundane tasks are tedious, and they will surely make you drowsy. This method is much more advanced than getting up and moving process. If you want to stop being sleepy, make a simple and light snack. During something other then the tedious task will wake your mind up, and you will stay awake for much longer.


If you are working during the night, then make something extra light because you do not want to feel bloated when you will sleep. Taking this kind of short break will make you stop feeling tired temporarily. Do not consume caffeine-related products late in the night as they can have adverse effects. Just like the first method, this method focuses on moving your muscles and using your brain for something exciting. This is a fun method in helping you stay awake.

Turn Up Those Vocal Cords

There is no denying that office work, school work, or any work can get a little boring. When there is no fun, and you need to get the job done, that’s when you cannot stop feeling tired. Typing away the whole night is not fun, and that is why it is hard for the brain to stay awake. This is the time when you can turn up those vocal cords of yours. This is a fun method to stop feeling tired for a short time.


It does not matter whether you sing bad or good. Search your favorite karaoke of a song and get going. It is up to you if you want to sing in public or not. If you are not comfortable with it, no problem. There are other methods in this article that will help you stop feeling tired.

Listen to a Cheery Song

If you cannot sing or dance, then you can try this method out if you want to stay awake. There are times when you cannot move or sing just because there are people around you. Especially when you are in an office or school environment. You can take some time to listen to your favorite song or anything cheery. It is much better to take some time off in order to refresh yourself and to stop being sleepy.


Cheery songs with fast-flowing beats will wake your brain up in an instant, and you will stop feeling tired. Take out your headphones and listen to something happy. This is an entertaining and private way that will help you to stay awake. Please do not listen to slow classical music, or you will regret it later.

Please Get Away from Your Bed

As I have mentioned before, human beings tend to find comfort and relaxation wherever they can get. There is a big chance that you are reading this article from the comfort of your bed. When you are doing work from the place that you are comfortable, you will not stop being sleepy. When there is no stress, and when you are in your comfort zone, things will get drowsy. The bed is made for you to sleep and not for looking at articles to stay awake. When you do anything on bed apart from sleeping and bonding, your brain goes into sleepy mode.


The best way to stop feeling tired is not to do your work from the bed. Work in an environment that makes you feel like you get going. You can even sit on the floor. Simply put, just don’t do work while sitting on the bed. There is nothing that will help you to stay awake.

Do Not Sit in The Dark

Tell me one thing, when you want to sleep, what is the first thing you do? You turn off the lights. Of course, brushing and all the other stuff is necessary too, but you look for someplace dark. This is the one thing that you will have to avoid when you want to stop being sleepy. According to the studies, darkness matters when you want to sleep. If you’re going to stay awake, turn on the light or sit somewhere where there is light.


Sometimes the environment that you are working in lacks natural light. There are so many windows covered up with curtains that stop the Sun. This creates a perfect setting to feel drowsy. If you want to stop feeling tired, you will have to open up the windows and let the natural light come inside. If you are working on a laptop, during night time, with lights turned off, then you are destroying your eyesight too. This will create eye strain and fatigue. Find yourself some light; it will help you to stop being sleepy.


We have listed some methods that will surely help you to stay awake. It is important to remember that avoiding sleep is dangerous for health and not a very wise choice. There are some times when you have to stay awake because the work is very important. These steps should only be followed to stop being sleepy for a temporary amount of time. Get proper sleep if you are feeling tired all the time.

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