Easiest Javascript Learning Path for free in 2021

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JavaScript is one of the most popular and most highly paid programming languages in the world.

According to Payscale, Indeed and Salary Expert, varies JavaScript developer salary in the US 2020 from $84,638 to $117,201, with the average salary being $99,846.

easiest path to learn javascript

Easiest JavaScript Learning Path

In this article, I’m going to tell you guys about the easiest javascript learning path. I am also a javascript developer and it took me about 1 whole year to learn javascript and I wish that I knew these things when I started.

Initially, it was designed for only front-end development but as time passed and more of its frameworks were introduced javascript is now being used for all kinds of development including frontend, Big Data, backend, Artificial Intelligence, and even the internet of things (IoT).

According to my experience and research, I’ve come with some ways on how to learn javascript.


how to learn javascript

I don’t think anyone else is going to tell you before starting any programming language you must get to learn the basic concepts that are the same in almost all the programming languages. So in order to get started with javascript, you must get your hands dirty on pseudocode for almost a month after you are done with pseudocode Javascript will be a piece of cake for you.

Click Here to learn about PSEUDOCODE


How to learn JavaScript

how to learn javascript

Now that you are done with pseudocode you are ready to start javascript. As you have now already learned pseudocode javascript is a piece of cake for you, now all you have to learn is the syntax and the functions of javascript. I’ll list some of the most important functions/Methods that you must master before moving on to practical programming.

  • String Methods
  • Number Methods
  • Date Methods
  • Math Methods
  • Array Methods

This will take a very short time for you to master these functionalities of javascript, approximately it will take up to 2  to 3 weeks.

These are some of the most important methods that you must master before continuing and are one of the steps in acquiring the easiest javascript learning path.

Check Out w3school to learn these basics for free.

After learning all these basics of javascript I will recommend you to learn AJAX and Es6(ESMA SCRIPT)  an updated version of javascript. You can learn it for free from Udacity’s website. Click here to start the free course after you are done with the basics.


The Final Touch

learn javascript free


Now that you have learned pseudocode and all the basics of javascript that are about the same in all the programming languages you are ready to step into the most exciting part of javascript, you are ready to work and build projects and see the magic of javascript. Let me list some of the projects you should build to test yourself

  • Simple Calculator

Build a calculator that performs simple calculations like multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division using functions. Try making multiple input boxes and collect the value from them to perform calculations.

  • TODO App

Try making a simple to-do app. Add text by typing in the input box and deleting them by clicking on a button click. TODO APP you can check the code here for your guidance.


Try to create a simple tic tac toe game on javascript you can get the boiler code of the HTML CSS here, try to add JavaScript to get it working yourself, or take guidance from the above link or any youtube video this will help you master and learn JavaScript in a very short period of time.

  • Google Search Algorithm

Now the final project I would like you to perform is the google search algorithm, yeah I know this sounds scary and difficult but trust me it is very simple to follow the code in this link, and then you will feel confident in working with javascript.

So now I would recommend you to practice javascript as much as possible and make different kinds of projects to make your grip much stronger on it.


These were my recommendations on the easiest javascript learning path it would approximately take you about 3-4 months that is a very short period of time to master and learn a programming language. Javascript is one of the easiest languages to learn and I don’t want you to spend any money on buying any course for it if you follow my steps you will master it within no time and for free.

If you found my article interesting and it helped you to master javascript make sure to leave a comment and also try reading the given article Benefits of Self Learning and how to Master it!


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