Can the habit of Reading turn your life around?

habit of reading

If you have naively wandered on this article and have no idea what is going on, then hang on my friends today I will try to convince you, how the habit of reading can turn your life around. I understand that we all are rushing here and there to make ends meet, in this chaos we have forgotten one thing which has changed many lives: Reading. Developing a habit to read good books can affect your life tremendously positively. So today, we will look at how the habit of reading can positively change your life.

Let’s dive in shall we:

The habit of Reading reduces stress and depression


Let me tell you a story about a little boy who would get scared sometimes. He would get scared of many things. Homework from the school was at the top of the list. Do you know what that boy would do to reduce his fear and calm him down? He would read.

Friends, that boy is me. Whenever I felt that I could not sleep due to anxiety or fear, I would take out the Diary of a Wimpy Kid collection and read. The absurdity of Greg would help me laugh and calm me down. I was able to sleep peacefully after that. The habit of reading helped me in this way.

Reading something which you can connect with emotionally really helps. If you are going through a terrible loss, have anxiety because of your annoying boss, you can read. Reading is a form of meditation, and nowadays, so many people are suffering from anxiety and depression issues. The mind becomes focused when you are indulged in the book and pouring new knowledge. It gives you a sense of calmness and serenity.

After you are done reading, you can get back up to face the world again. When the mind of a person is focused, it helps in increasing productivity. It helps in connecting with people around you. You get to understand them and connect with them on a whole new level.

The habit of Reading Creates a Broader Perspective

You are not going anywhere if you have no knowledge about stuff around you. I dare say, having a narrow perspective or having minimal experience can be dangerous for you. That is how wars start in the deep dark abyss of electronic media. When people have a little background about the stuff that they are talking about, lots of disagreements happen, and it gets worse after that.

The habit of reading opens so many possibilities. You get to learn about different cultures, people, foods and so so much. How exciting would it be when you will plan a trip to somewhere you read in a book. You get to learn things that you never knew existed. When I first read Symbols by Dan Brown, my mind was blown. There were so much history and mystery (nice rhyming) that I was not aware of.

You do not want to be the “Frog in the well” right?

The habit of Reading increases imagination


I think this is the most important factor out of all. Nobody can deny that increased imagination helps in so many ways. It increases your problem-solving skills, enhances creativity, and increases imagination is a sign of increased intelligence too. I mean come on J. K Rowling was a genius, right? A dull person does not have the ability to write something so magical as the Harry Potter series.

Good imagination increases the chance of your success. To prove my point, I will say that the people who have been mentioned in history books did something out of the ordinary. Their ideas were different and valuable. They were the people who knew how to use their imagination to solve a problem.

You do not want to be a boring person, right? Then increased imagination can make you fun at parties. Thinking out of the box, thinking something unique is what charms the people around you. The habit of reading increases your creativity and opens your mind to new possibilities.

Imagining a favourable scenario can boost the mood and gives hope. Stress automatically reduces when you imagine yourself as Spider-Man (personally I like Iron Man). You can imagine something else, too; it depends on you. Imagination gives inspiration. It creates ideas and motives. It depends on you to make them good or bad for yourself.

The habit of Reading increase the chances of success


All the talk I did above comes down to this. Think about it when you have no anxiety issues or stress. You have gained knowledge, and your perspective is comprehensive now. To top it all of, you have an outstanding imagination. Who can stop you now from getting successful in life?

It is not an unknown fact that successful people read a lot of books. Bill Gates’s reading habits made him successful.  You are prepared to think about the solutions for the problems that you will face when implementing a unique and different idea. The above examples prove how developing a good reading habit changes your life and makes you a better person.

Reading about the difficulties faced by the people who are successful gives you an idea of how to prepare yourself. Biographies are written just to help future generations. You do not commit the mistakes that the people have committed before. It increases your chances of survival and helps you in designing the game plan.

The habit of reading creates a change in you. You question things. When you have broad knowledge, you can implement it and reap the benefits.

But remember only reading “How to become successful” type of books will not change your life in a day. You will have to live and breathe the concepts and techniques written in the book. Commitment and consistency are essential. You have all the tools you need in which your books are the most powerful. Go for it


You do not have to buy books or novels to read. Although nothing can replace the smell of fresh, new book pages, there are other alternatives to gain knowledge. You can read online articles to help you with little things you are stuck on. Monthly magazines are also a good choice as they come with a wide variety of information that is really helpful.

There are so many useful apps which you can read from. Kindle is a mobile app by Amazon on which you can read books. It has a very convenient user interface and a lovely experience for a book lover. I really like any book, and there is a vast collection of books which you can read for free (Although you have to pay for the app 🙁 ).

In the end, I would say, What are you waiting for, there are so many books waiting for you to discover them. Read something romantic to warm your heart, read about murder mysteries, Sherlock Holmes, and so much more. Reading habits change a life. You have to take the first step, and then you will find yourself getting deeper as time passes on.

Was I successful in convincing you that the habit of reading turns your life around?

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