Amazing Top Must Watch TV Series Seasons in 2020

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Top 10 TV-Series Seasons in 2020


Billions maybe a show with big plans and characters so complicated that it practically challenges you to work them out. But the show’s poorly manufactured comparisons don’t precisely encourage you to give it a go.

Sometimes they’re so absurdly naive that they’re borderline useless, such as when a dog getting neutered inspires its master to get cocky and get a multimillion-dollar beach home

.2020 is a big year for this tv series as the 5th season shows the dynamics of power, intended to explain the complexities of control and meekness? Well, they’re just traditional aggregate.

So much for distinction. Thankfully, Billions also has its healthy portion of assets, among them a pair of dueling actors with real acting chops and Siff’s crafty imitation of Rhoades’ equally twisted wife.

It also bears the mark of journalist Andrew RossSorkin, who helped develop the series after his bestselling book about the economic crisis, Extremely High to Lose, grew an HBO movie featuring Giamatti as Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke.

Better Call Saul

better call saul

When the arrangement was announced for a spinoff of AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” based on one of the show’s secondary comic figures, Saul Goodman, even superfans weren’t certain what to imagine.

At the same moment, Vince Gilligan’s drama of a chemistry teacher converted meth king was in its last season, whipping out eminent episodes like fastballs. Media coverage was caught up in recognition.

2020 is a big year for this tv series as the Season 5 has aired this year, has loads to give, notably for followers of the original program. Jimmy, with his mocking croak of a voice and his surfer-gone-to-seed aspects, continues an amiable person, even when he’s harming.

We get backstories for “Breaking Bad” regulars, including the mobster Tuco Salamanca and the old ex-cop enforcer Mike Ehrmantraut. Like its forerunner, “Better Call Saul” has a sharp wit.

It has earned loads of appreciation for its cinematography, which has the careful framing of a realistic novel illustrated by Edward Hopper. At the show’s center is a character portrait, the story of James McGill, as attorney struggling for gigs between Albuquerque’s less wealthy clients.

As a youthful man, Jimmy was a small-time grifter. Now he’s attempting to apply his bullshitting talents for good rather than for evil. Jimmy is low. There’s the seed of a playful, popular thought inside that representation: that being a lawyer and being a grifter is not, in fact, distinctive jobs.

Later Saul Goodman is a skilled lawful advocate. He’s not shabby; he’s just moved that way. It’s a sharp, One week, it’s a thriller; another, it’s a quirky procedural, full of thickly brought pictures of fallen clients. It’s worth it.

Rick and Morty

At initial glance, you’d be forgotten for thought Rick and Morty is a tear-off of Back To The Future. Whilst it has some the resemblance to that trilogy, with Rick and Morty slotting into the Doc and Marty patterns, it’s clear first on that this representation is as far as the show goes.

With hand-drawn animation and rich, lively freshness, Rick and Morty do a fabulous job of giving an actively addressed grown-up animation with skillfully achieved ideas. The show now running its fourth season.

rick and morty

Inside its heart, the tale orbits around super scientist Rick and his grandson Morty as they share a series of experiences exceeding space and time.

There are times where the plan overlaps into other events but chiefly the show sticks to a primary rambling structure with a new experience every episode.

The simple structure helps to compose a creative blend of original parodies and fun while maintaining the show visually satisfying with a variety of diverse areas.

The episodes have a steady pace, assisted by its 20-minute time period, and the tales themselves are wittily littered with many jokes and social mentions.

2020 is a big year for this tv series as the 4th season shows the dynamics of Relationships. Although Rick and Morty is a thoroughly composed animated title, it’s also worth seeing that there’s a lot of grown-up humor here too.

It won’t be for everyone, with Rick’s repeated belching and various butt and genitalia jokes sure to turn off some personalities with its crudeness.

It’s not a deal-breaker but there are moments where it looks rough for it rather than advancing the stories ahead or showcasing some of the witty jokes that the show commands to present. With the episodes at a simply digestible length, Rick and Morty own a compact first season with amazing well-paced episodes and great chemistry among its two main characters to have the steady energy and evolving.

The hand-drawn animation is a big throwback and although this does feel slightly dated, it doesn’t decrease the charm of the show.

With a rich color palette and plenty of different planetoids and locations traveled through the episodes, there’s enough here to earn Rick and Morty an adequate animated comedy, even if its over-reliance on crude and adult entertainment does deny the ingenuity of some of the copies and crafty jokes in its reprehension.

BoJack Horseman

Everyone should have a guilty indulgence that doesn’t bother anyone else. A representation with vertebrate roles in it. Season 6 premiered in 2020, Season 1 premiered way back in 2014 and consists of twelve episodes. The series milieu is a common one.

bojak horse

This is a Los Angeles that carries both human and animal figures, a parallel-universe funhouse-mirror variant of Hollywood. Of course, that authentic voice is a little obscure and negative.

The primary actor in the series is BoJack Horseman, a fifty-year-old washed-up sitcom lead. BoJack is voiced by Will Arnett, and he appears to be having fun playing the narcissistic, wicked late star. BoJack uses a lot of Cosby sweaters in it.

The flashbacks explaining how BoJack progressed from doing a stand-up comedian to having his program is reminiscent of Seinfeld as well.

2020 is a big year for this tv series as the 6th season shows the dynamics of life. In the present-day of the series, BoJack is attempting to write his autobiography. His publicist at Penguin hires a ghostwriter, Diane Nguyen, a human author whose boyfriend is BoJack’s previous sitcom opponent, a dog called Mr. Peanutbutter.

Mr. Peanutbutter’s sitcom was a duplicate of BoJack’s, with a dog as a caregiver rather than a horse. Predictably, BoJack falls in admiration with Diane, and much of the arc of the first season involves this obsession.

This is a show that you need to see closely since sight gags and witticisms produce a lot of the series’ comic moments.


Let’s assume, hypothetically, that you choose to launder funds for the second-largest Mexican drug cartel. Just hypothetically.

Say you like the tone of the capital and determine that it’s deserving taking your chances with their terrifying name to fund your children’s destinies and put a close to constant job hunts and debt. What do you do when it all becomes dry? 

Ozark is not a memoir of a guy on the run. It’s the story of a man buying a chance. The show’s often brilliant but unsettling soundtrack serves well to show the unknown and strange beauty.


Bill Dubuque’s TV scriptwriting introduction is usually daunting, with upbeat bits few and far between.

Not that a display with such high stakes requires a musical representation as a pick-me-up, but the constant anxiety, panic, and often fear can occasionally be using. You will, however, want to pursue to find out what is going to occur, and this is mainly down to the convincing and fresh performance of Jason Bateman.

Laura Linney, also, puts in a passionate and, at times, witty performance as Wendy.

There are times during Ozark’s first few episodes where you may crave you had acquired “Money Laundering for newbies”. A little over late for any of the early cash laundry action.

You will, however, understand more of what is going on if you were a follower of  Breaking Bad, a show that you cannot improve but think about while pill deals and the laundering of millions of dollars take place in this one low spot in Missouri. Rightly or wrongly, Ozark will unquestionably resemble Breaking Bad.

2020 is a big year for this tv series as the 3rd season shows the dynamics of fear. Ozark is a must-watch for crime show fans, although the power of the center performances will hopefully draw and hold the consciousness of Netflix subscribers who have still to step into gangland territory.

While Ozark does at times take the platform arrangement for granted, it offers an intriguing story that expertly twists the lives of many characters.

It’s a step into an environment where the stress is inescapable, the young are surely pulled down, and no one is to be trusted.

Money Heist

Heist movies have an inadequate status. They can be overly complicated, repeated in terms of design, and seldom clichéd. They’re so mocked that shows like Rick and Morty have made full episodes with the composition as a punchline.

The heist hasn’t happened much more enjoyable on TV either – which is why it’s so fresh when a show like Money Heist comes along.


La Casa De Papel, as it’s known in its original and more popular Spanish title, follows a group of strange raiders who control and ‘steal’ buildings on the management of their anonymous boss, the Professor.

The purpose of this team’s heists across the four seasons so far is the state. Clad in red overalls and wearing spooky masks made in the form of the surrealist image of Salvador Dali’s face, the cast’s stunning outfit has been followed by protestors in real-life movements against the government too.

Season 4 opens with “The Resistance” in more prominent risk than ever before. One of their own is considered dead and the heist they created the series before has fallen by the wayside. Things are looking very cold indeed – and the darkened tone continues throughout the new episodes.

Rather than the idealism of its earlier installments, we see as the cast deal with psychological trauma, petty infighting, and the mental damage of killing. Everything is too sleek, too controlled, and not much ever goes wrong. There’s no sense of danger.

At its best, Money Heist makes you think its high stakes are for real, with every piece of drama that comes with it.

2020 is a big year for this tv series as the 4th part shows the dynamics of losing control and gaining it back. Of course, the original series is in Spanish means little pieces of meaning is lost in translation for English-speaking audience.

But this show wouldn’t work without its continental structure. Take the buildings they occupy, stately reminds of the Franco era.

The theme of Money Heist is what keeps it clean and fit – and although this season sometimes feels flawed, and tedium in setting, none of those problems matter in the future.


When Netflix officially teased its forthcoming animated adaptation of the Castlevania series enthusiasts over the globe reached deep into their too often trample upon hearts and gained a cause to believe that this series might just be the peculiar a modern-day version of this series that they have great hope for.


This show is based on the NES game Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. That section of the long-running series follows as a prequel to the bulk of the Castlevania franchise – only Castlevania: Lament of Innocence takes place before it – and is widely credited with helping the series shed its horror film tribute roots and establishing true mythology to call its own.

Whether you’ve ever played Castlevania III or even care about the Castlevania series at all is largely irrelevant in terms of your ability to understand – or enjoy – this particular interpretation of the series.

That said, yes, it follows the game’s basic premise, which sees Trevor Belmont called into action once more as Dracula unleashes his army upon humanity; and yes, there are many references to Castlevania III which only enthusiasts will pick up on.

When you get right down to it, though, Castlevania is a tale of virtue and corruption involving the world’s most notorious vampire and the men, women, and beasts that wish to defeat him.

There is something universally appealing about the show’s classic gothic setting and adventure archetype characters. Of course, Castlevania only looks like a traditional tale of good vs. evil on the surface.

Minutes into the opening episode, you’ll immediately realize that the black and white morality of the games – and many of the fictional works that encouraged them – is largely abandoned in favor of a far more complicated tale wherein nothing is quite as you may expect it to be.

2020 is a big year for this tv series as the 5th season shows the dynamics of power. In the same style, it must be mentioned that Castlevania is an incredibly cruel series that is not designed for children or those with a weak stomach for animated frenzy and generous amounts of vulgarity.

Many episodes carry a good dismemberment or two, and the entire show is cloaked in macabre and dread.

Narcos: Mexico

“The narco who thinks he’s a businessman is a narco who is about to get fucked.” That bit of advice comes from Maria Elvira, a small-time narcotics trafficker.

Maria is now married to a big-time drug lord, Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, who is expanding his hard-won the Mexican marijuana empire into a transportation operation to move Colombian cocaine into the United States.


The cocaine-focused part of the narrative will surely be familiar to Narcos viewers, as the first three seasons of the previous series followed the rise of the Cali Cartel and Pablo Escobar, as well as the law enforcement police who pursued them.

Mexico is a something of a prequel, as it chronicles the establishment of the first Mexican drug cartel as well as the fledgling U.S. government agency.

Whether you’ve seen Narcos or not, it’s not difficult to understand and be compelled by the world of Narcos: Mexico, which instantly introduces its opposing forces and sets the platform for their final clash.

At its best, Narcos: Mexico is nostalgic for HBO’s seminal series The Wire, exploring both the criminal forces and law enforcement sides equally, searching into its best and worst aspects through compelling performances.

Luna and Peña bring a lot of charisma to their characters, even though the characters are stoics compared to the mad world around them. 

With a tense, stirring score from Gustavo SantaolallaNarcos: Mexico is a series of conflicts and standoffs, with outcomes that have real stakes.

The series doesn’t praise the drug lord lifestyle so much as paint it as a temporary, cautionary tale. 2020 is a big year for this tv series as the 5th season shows the dynamics of power and hunger.

The pacing is taught; historically we may know the outcome, but there is sufficient charm and doubt to the way Narcos: Mexico crafts its story to keep things consistently fascinating and compelling But for the players within it.


TV and streaming series and movies have performed an enormous service so far this year in providing some much-needed escapism in a world crippled by a health crisis.

To help viewers still confined to their homes navigate the latest offerings, we collected all of the best TV shows of 2020. Above is a list of the best 2020 TV shows you should be watching.

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