TOP 10 Best Spinning Reel Under 30$ | An Absolute Guide and Review

best spinning reels under 30$

Spinning reels are, nowadays, the foremost popular fishing reel you’ll find in the arsenal of every angler. Their general approval comes from the very fact that they’re quite easy to use, allowing new anglers to start out out with them while also providing enough accuracy to be used by professionals, too.

TOP 10 Best Spinning Reel Under 30$

Spinning reels can be used for all kinds of fishing techniques like casting, trolling, bottom fishing, and jigging and that is the reason that you should have one of the best spinning reels available in the market both according to price and quality in your tackle.

So in order to make you achieve that I’ve made a list of the top 10 spinning reels under 30$ (Some Bonus as Well).

So now that you know what fishing reels we have included in our best spinning reel under 30$ list, let’s go-ahead into details and talk about why you should be one of these.

1) KastKing Crixus

KastKing Crixus is best for anglers who have a low budget and they want a high-performance reel. It has an amazing smooth carbon fiber drag of 17.5 lbs that is enough to stop any monster fish you are targeting. It has a solid 5+1 ball bearing system and a gear ratio of 5:2:1.

It is Light and strong and many anglers love to use it. The main drive gear is made of durable Zinc Alloy and the pinion gear is machined from solid brass.

It has a SuperPolymer slip-resistant handle knob that is a vital feature of Crixus Spinning reels which provide a grip even in the wettest fishing conditions. These amazing features made me add it to my list of the best spinning reel under 30$.

It comes in four different sizes.

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2) Okuma Alaris

If you want to go with a brand and a low price then Okuma Alaris should be your choice and that is the reason we included it in our best spinning reel under 30$ list. Okuma is a big name in the world of fishing and one of the most trusted brands.

It has a ball-bearing system of 3+1 that is good enough at the price we are getting it and not only this it also have a gear ratio of 5:0:1 that allows you to land your dream fish quite easily with a full drag of 14.5lbs.

It has a rigid metal handle design for strength, more durable, lighter, and corrosion-resistant. Its machined aluminum, 2-tone anodized spool with LCS lip makes the reel lighter, corrosion-resistant, durable and smoother when casting.

Alaras comes in 6 different models.

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3) KastKing Brutus

KastKing Brutus gives Exceptional Performance at such a low price that is just unbelievable able with 13lbs of drag, 4+1 bb, and 5:0:1 gear ratio it is so unjust.

It has a lightweight graphite frame and rotator that will give you the feel of a highly expensive fishing reel. The spool is machined of aircraft-grade aluminum to reduce weight and deliver long, accurate casts.

Brutus comes in two different grips:

  • PVC Handle Grip
  • T-Shape Rubber handle Grip

Its amazing features gave us a reason to add it to our list of best spinning reel under 30$.

KastKing Brutus comes in 4 different sizes.

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4) KastKing Lancelot

Available in four different models this spinning reel adds to our growing list of reels that are versatile enough to meet just about any need.

What you’ll get here is a drag range of 12-17.5 lbs of resistance on a set of reels that balance power, weight, and durability.

It has a Ball Bearing of 5+1 and a gear ration of 5:0:1 that is just amazing to get at such a low price. And that gave us the reason to add it to our best spinning reel under 30$ list.

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5) Penn Pursuit III 2500

Penn is one of the biggest names in the fishing tackle industry and its Reels are known for their best performance.

Penn Pursuit III has an HT 100 carbon fiber drag washer with a max drag of 10lb. It has a gear ration of 6:2:1 that is just insane and a 4+1 stainless steel bearing system adds more to its value and pursuing us to add it on our best spinning reel under 30$ list.

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YONGZHI is not a big name in the sports fishing industry but it is trying to earn itself by making such amazing products. YONGZHI XF is an amazing series made by the company. 

Its specialties include its extremely lightweight body and despite its lightweight, it has a very strong graphite frame and rotor that will perform like reels costing much more.

Its 13+1 corrosion resistant ball bearings make the reel’s rotation ultra-smooth. And if we talk about the handle it has EVA handle knobs, exceptionally slip-resistant, and will give you maximum control over your fishing reel in all conditions.

Due to its amazing features at an extremely low rate, I was convinced to add it to the list of top 10 spinning reels 2020 under 30$.

It comes in five sizes

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7) KastKing Centron

KastKing is quickly climbing up the table and becoming a big name in the sports fishing industry. One of their pieces of evidence of their access is KastKing centron.

It comes in five different sizes the max drag range the reel provides is 11 lbs to 17.5 lbs.

KastKing centron has a total of 9 high-quality steel ball-bearing that makes the reel ultra-smooth.

There was no reason for me not to include it in my list of best spinning reel under 30$.

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8) Okuma Avenger

I listed Okuma Avenger on my list of best spinning reel under 30$ due to the features it has at a very low price. First of all its graphite body is corrosion resistant which is really amazing because I don’t want my fishing reel to corrode.

Its 6BB + 1RB provides ultimate smoothness that results in an amazing performance. Other than that it has  Multi-disc, Japanese oiled felt drag system that provides a max drag of 15lbs.

It has a gear ratio of 5:0:1 giving a very high retrieve speed.

It has 9 different models.

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9) Daiwa Strikeforce

Daiwa is one of the biggest and one of the most trusted companies among the anglers, and to get a fishing reel under 30$ from such a big company, wow I couldn’t just stop myself from adding this into my list of best spinning reel under 30$.

It has a gear ratio of 5:3:1 that gives a very high retrieve speed, and it also provides a very high drag that for a reel of this price that is 9lbs the only con it has is that it only has 1 Ball Baring.

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10) KastKing Sharky III 

Now it’s time for the bonus part. Sharky III is one of the most famous and most successful series of KastKing that cost pretty low according to a fishing reel of this caliber I know It cost more than 30$ but still I couldn’t stop myself to add it to my list of best spinning reel under 30$.

If you talk about its appearance, it is one of the most beautiful reels I’ve ever seen in my life, but not only it is attractive but its specs are also mind-blowing.

It has a max drag of about 40lbs you can stop a kingfish with that that just insane. Other than that’s has a gear ratio of 5:2:1 that brings it an amazing retrieve speed. Its 10+1 ball-bearing system makes it super smooth and this is the Reel I highly recommend you should buy.

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How to Choose the Best Spinning Reel

Whenever you are looking to buy a fishing reel you must take something into consideration. And now I’ll tell you what exactly you should be looking for when buying your self the best spinning reel.

All the reels mentioned in the list of top 10 best spinning reel under 30$ were added after taking these points into consideration.



When selecting a Spinning reel Spool is the most important part of the reel you need to think about. Spool holds the fishing line and it keeps the line in proper alignment by its up and down movement.

The thing you need to consider about the spool is how much line do you want to target a particular fish you are after. If it is a small fish you have to choose the reel of small size like 1000, 2000 or 3000 as these reels will have less weight and they will be really easy to manage without tiring your hand and obviously, they will cheaper than the big size reels.

But If you are an offshore addict then have a large spool as you need a lot of lines who know what monster you’ll face there. If that is the case you need to buy a big size reel like 4000 and 5000 as they have a larger spool.


Drag is one of the most important things to consider when you are buying a fishing reel. Imagine you are on a fishing trip with a reel you bought randomly. You cast and your line is now on the bottom of the water, and then there is a huge bite your reel is screaming and it won’t stop, when you tighten your drag but still no use because its a low drag reel and now you have just lost your whole line and your reel is also in a bad condition.


In order to prevent this, you should completely understand the drag function and why it is on your reel. So now let me tell you. The drag function on your reel is used to create resistance, it stops the spool until a certain amount of power is applied to it like if the drag of your reel is 10lbs it would take a 10lbs pull to rotate the spool.

It is used so that the fish use all of its energy pulling the line and if the drag is high it would have to use more energy so it will get tired quickly and you will land it in a very short time.

But let me warn you, set the drag according to your line’s test weight if the test weight is like 8lbs and apply the drag of 12lbs on your reel it will completely stop the fish but there is a high chance that you line will snap.

So as advice set the drag of your reel according to the fish you are targeting and according to your line’s test weight, If you are targeting a small fish, loosen your drag but if you are targeting a big fish then tighten your drag but keep it below your line’s test weight. If your line is 12lb test then set the drag to 8lb do it accordingly.

Gear Ratio

How do you know what is the retrieval speed of your Spinning Reel? Well, the simple answer is to check its Gear Ratio. The higher the gear ratio the higher will be its retrieval speed.

Some anglers don’t know how to read or understand the gear ratio what does a figure like 6:2:1 means. Well, I’m here to tell you. The Numbers in gear ratio means how many times the spool of your spinning reel will rotate when you rotate the handle one time.

Let me explain this; let’s break the above gear ration 6:2:1. The first number represents the full spool rotations, the second one represents the incomplete rotation and the last number means the time you rotate the handle. So this means when you rotate the handle one time this spool will make 6 complete rotations and .2 incomplete rotation that makes a total of 6.2 rotations on one time you rotate the handle.

This means the more the gear ration the faster you will retrieve your fishing line.


Bearings are another important consideration and that they can significantly influence the function of a reel. they’re rotating metal or ceramic rings with metal or ceramic balls inside to assist reduce friction as the bail arm turns.

As they assist to reduce the friction it means that the more the bearings the smoother the reel will be.


I hope you found this information useful and I hope that you found the reel you were looking for in this article. So this was all about the best spinning reel under 30$.

If you found the reel your perfect reel and found this article help full tell in the comment section.

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