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BEST Online Javascript Courses

Learn about the Best Online Javascript Courses

JavaScript is one of the most highly paid languages in the world, and without any doubt, it is also one of the easiest languages to learn. The reason that makes javascript one of the most highly paid language in the world is that it is used for development in almost all the platforms.

Javascript covers all the different platforms like Mobile Apps, both android and ios, It is used in web programming, IoT (Internet Of Things), Machine Learning and all the other new technologies coming. It is just amazing that you do all kinds of programming using only a single language. All you have to is just Learn JavaScript and Switch to its frameworks.

If you have just decided to start learning javascript and become an expert in it, first read our other article in which we talked about how you can learn javascript in only three months.

Best Online Javascript Courses

In this article, we have collected a list of some fantastic javascript courses for beginners that will help you learn javascript in no time. So let’s get started.

These are free courses on javascript that I’ve searched on different sites and made then included only the best ones.

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JavaScript Courses for Beginners:

In this section, I’ll list the javascript courses for beginners that absolute beginners can start with and later go on to the advanced ones.


JavaScript Free Courses

This is one of the best sellers courses of Udemy that is taught by  Brad Traversy. I’ve personally watched some of his videos and this guy is just amazing the way of his teaching and explaining things is just fantastic.

In this CourseCourse, you will learn about the core concepts of javascript and get them into practical use by building 20 projects using plain or vanilla javascript without using any framework. Let me tell you what some of the projects you will be making in this Course.

  • Expense Tracker App
  • Relaxation Breathing App
  • Hangman Game And 17 others.

Some of the core things you are going to learn in this free javascript course are

  • Create a layout with HTML and CSS
  • Animations Using JavaScript
  • Core Concepts of JavaScript
  • DOM Manipulations
  • AJAX
  • High Order Array Methods
  • Drag & Drop
  • Web Speech API (Syth & Recognition)

These are only a few things that I’ve mentioned, and there is much other stuff that you’re going to learn in this Course. For this reason, this is one of the best online javascript courses.

The Only thing you need to know before starting the CourseCourse is to understand the basics of HTML and CSS, which you can learn from this fantastic book A Smarter Way to Learn HTML & CSS.


best javascript courses online

This is one of the best javascript courses for beginners, as it says in the name JavaScript For Beginner. This is also a best-seller course by udemy In which you will learn all the core concepts about javascript.

The Teacher has guaranteed that after taking this Course you will be able to work in javascript with confidence and will be able to solve almost any kind of problem.

So let’s talk about what are the main things you will learn after completing this free Course on javascript.

  • Complete basics of javascript. You will learn JavaScript Syntax, and creating your very first JavaScript program will be covered here. You will also get an introduction to the google developer tools console, which can be very useful for debugging your code.
  • You will know what variables are, different types of data types, and how to use them.
  • You will get to know about the Numbers in javascript. Doing basic and advanced math calculations. You will generate random numbers and do very basic math functions in JavaScript, and create a program that generates a random number every-time it runs.
  • Conditional statements in javascript and how to make a maths quiz using it.
  • Functions and how to use them to create an efficient program with writing duplicate code.
  • You will learn about what an array is how and why to use an array.
  • Loops

This is one of the best online javascript courses, and it is for absolute beginners; all you need to know before learning javascript is absolutely nothing but goodwill.


javascript breakout game

If you are wondering game development with javascript well, don’t get shocked because it is used in web-based games, and now you are going to create one for your self. Isn’t that amazing? Tell me in the comment section.

So in this section, you are going to create a breakout game using this free javascript course. Now let me tell you what exactly you are going to learn in the process of building the game using this free Course on javascript.

The main goal in this Course will be to create basic shapes on the canvas element to animating a ball and then finally keeping track of the player’s lives and score. And in the process, you will learn.

  • Html canvas element
  • Loops
  • JavaScript Objects
  • Functions
  • Controlling DOM with mouse

By creating this game, you will gain self-confidence, and you can create other games as well, like tic-tac-toe. As this Course teaches us this much, there is no doubt that this is one of the best online javascript courses.


JavaScript Courses

Another best free javascript course online that will teach you to build 17 different real-time javascript courses with complete explanation, and the best is this that it is the javascript courses for beginners, and you just need to know a little basic about javascript before starting it.

In this free Course on javascript, some of the apps you are going to make the are:

  • Calculator
  • Digital clock
  • Word length calculator
  • Button color changer
  • Contact form with local storage

HTML and CSS will be used to create the skeleton of these App so you must learn them first, and I recommend you to read this book A Smarter Way to Learn HTML & CSS for learning HTML and CSS.

So without any doubt, this is one of the best free javascript courses online, and you should probably take it as it is a free course on javascript.

JavaScript Essentials 2020 Mini-Course

javascript mini course

This is a mini-course of javascript that will teach you all the core concepts about javascript in a short time. It is an incredible free course on javascript and, without any doubt, one of the best online javascript courses.

In this course, you will learn about the core programming concepts that apply in almost every language, and you will get fluent with javascript.

Other things you will learn about are

  • functions
  • loops
  • conditional statements
  • Using Different Methods
  • And you’ll do some projects.

Build a Quiz App with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

javascript quiz app

This is another amazing and one of the best online javascript courses in which the instructor will teach you how you can build a complete quiz app using Javascript. One of the good things about this Course is that it is a  javascript course for beginners.

In this course, you will learn:

  • ES6 JavaScript features like arrow functions, the spread operator, const and let, and template literal string.
  • Fetch API to load trivia questions from an API
  • Create a high score in Local Storage
  • how to use Flexbox, Animations, and REM units in CSS
  • how to create a progress bar from scratch
  • how to create a spinning loader icon from scratch

JavaScript Courses Advanced:

Now that I’ve listed the best javascript courses for beginners, now its time to go advance. Once you made a grip in javascript, you need to go advanced now.

To go in advance, I bring you these best online javascript courses.


free javascript course

This is one of the best free javascript courses online, as said by the author. This is a fantastic course, another one from my and you are going to learn a lot of things from this Course.

So in this course, you will learn about

  • The Modern JavaScript most probably es6 or es7 and the old one too
  • All the Basics covering variables function and the constants.
  • Array and Objects
  • All three control structures.
  • How the javascript engine works
  • DOM manipulation
  • Function hoisting
  • Drag & Drop
  • Object-Oriented JavaScript and the most complicated thing to understand this keyword
  • Asynchronous Javascript
  • How to optimize your code via methods like code splitting.
  • Node Js
  • Web Security
  • And Finally Nodejs

By seeing the things, this Course has to offer; I believe that this is one of the best online javascript courses.

There is no particular prerequisite for this course; you don’t need to know javascript as this is one of the best free javascript courses online. It includes everything just you need to know HTML/CSS and Basic Web Development that how the web works, I’ll recommend you read this book first to have a better understanding of this course JavaScript for Modern Web Development.

Learn modern JavaScript

free javascript course

Learn Modren javascript is a free Bootcamp by freeCodeCamp I think most of you here already know about the freecodecamp and the fantastic reputation, so there is no doubt that it is one of the best online javascript courses.

I recommend you must join this Bootcamp as it is a free course on javascript, which is about 50 minutes long, and you can complete it in one go. This Course completely Talks about the es6 on how you can get started in es6 and its core concepts.

Asynchronous Programming with Javascript

async programming with javascript

This is a course by edex that is offered by Microsoft. This is one of the best online javascript courses as it is free, as well as Microsoft, provides it.

It is an entirely free course, but if you want its certificate, you have to pay for it.

In this course you will learn about:

  • Asynchronous Fundamentals
  • How to use JavaScript Promises
  • How to use the Fetch API
  • How to use JavaScript Generators

This is a fantastic free course on javascript that you must not miss; just take this free javascript course.

Recommended Books



JavaScript is a never-ending language, and it will keep on growing. It is also the easiest language to learn, and by taking these free courses and reading these books, you will master javascript in a short time and will become part of this ever-growing industry.

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