10 Best Horror Books

best horror books

Nothing is entertaining except reading the best horror book by content; it becomes more exciting when you read the best horror book because watching a horror movie might not build such imagination which a book could.

Reading Horror books are more exciting than watching them as a movie because, on the TV screen, you can only enjoy the predefined horrific scenes. Rather reading a book can portray the fiction as your imagination derive it.

To help you with your best experience journey, we have put together the top 10 best horror books for your good read.

Best Horror Books: have a look

The Haunting of Hill House

by Shirley Jackson

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If you are looking for dark dreaming horror fiction, the haunted house is one of them. The story rolls out around the four seekers who arrive at a notoriously unfriendly pile called Hill House and a psychologically poor woman. Shirley Jackson has written the story as the scariest in the context. It is the story of a woman living in a house with her mother, who has spent most of her youth caring and looking after her sick mother.

The isolation has deprived her mentally and psychologically. The other reason behind her fractured psyche was some paranormal activities experienced by her in her childhood at this haunted house. The supporting characters come across the house to experience the haunted place as an adventure. It attracts a lonely lady, which has lost her youth freedom because of her mother’s sickness and oppressed to live in a haunted house.

This makes it one of the best horror books.

Lord of The Flies

by William Golding

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On my list of the best horror books, Lord of the flies is the second. It is the story of two boys going to an island for some adventure. There are many pulse-stopping scenes in this novel, like hunting, violent excitement. The boys are isolated without any helpful supplies for their livelihood, among the many brutal pigs and dangerous animals. The story is moving around insufficiently mingled people’s hostility since that is our principal nature.

Pet Sematary

by Stephen King

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Pets Sematary is also one of the best horror books that I included in my list. A few of King’s books could be on this rundown; however, he regularly blunts his accounts’ fear with his portrayals’ lavishness and humanity and the spread of his stories. It is the story of Dr. Louis Creed, who has come to this haunted house with his family after his job move. There was a nearby graveyard, so that’s the reason many of the trucks on the road outside travel by just a little too quickly, outside his antique old home.

The cemetery is one of its sorts where ages of kids have buried their darling pets, and they have come to life when there is a hurdle by a human for them.


by Jose Saramago

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Helplessness is a key factor in many horrors; most people labor under the delusion that they are in charge of their destiny and lives. Horror is often effective simply by reminding us how little control we actually have. There is an epidemic of white blindness, which has spared no one from its effect. It could be the best horror book for your collection.

That epidemic of blindness leaves an entire city’s population secluded in a mental institution as a society within and without crumbles. But even at that point of terror, they were not safe, there was the robbery of food, rape of women, and strangers do brutality. Saramago, the only eyewitness of that brutality, has guided the seven strangers and manages to capture the terrifying confusion and helplessness experienced by people in a society that no longer functions.

It is one of the best horror books that exist.

Hell House

by Richard Matheson

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Dr. Lionel Barrett, the physicist, accompanied by his fellows, came to a house sealed in 1949 due to different awful activities. Mr. Lionel and his colleagues started investigating why the townfolks have been called this as hell house. The best horror book of its kind.

Try Reading this amazing and one of the best horror books.


by Chuck Palahniuk

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Haunted not only contains one of the most disturbing short stories ever published. It’s also a deep dive into madness as the reality-TV obsessed characters start sabotaging their experiment in a quest for fame. If you search for the best horror books to read, you will literally make a little illusion of your own deeper meaning for haunted stories like one of them by reading this.


by Bram Stoker

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The horror stories of Dracula have been written for ages. Now, these Dracula are darker, larger, and more haunted than before in modern stories. Many of the Dracula in current time stories have their love life too with a human. Here the book is better than the movie because you can make your image of the terrifying Dracula if you want. The best horror books in its context.

Ghost Story

by Peter Straub

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A terrifying and haunted story that moves around the Five old friends, who have done some terrible activities in their youth unintentionally and buried that path under the deep earth.

Now at the time of aging, the truth is revealed, and they are experiencing the revenge of brutality done in their past. They imagine their own death due to revenge through some paranormal activities one by one, and the revenge begins. It is the best horror book you might ever experience.


by Toni Morrison

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The story is based on the psychological aftermaths of slavery. Beloved is one of the best horror books and a terrifying story in its context. You might never experience such a story. The young girl was born with a slave ghost. After eighteen years of her life, she was not even free of the horrific things that happen to her. It is a love story showing for a ghost, convinced the young woman calling herself beloved the woman has given everything to the beloved ones even her food and having nothing except a weekend body and a falling psyche.

Bird Box

by Josh Malerman

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The best horror books tell the after-effects of dilemma outrages, where humans have barely killed others and themselves too. The only way out of the situation is to cover them up with long-lasting blindness. Where the internet, television, radio, and any sign of communication died. And in this entire haunting situation, a lady had raised her children through all the difficulty and terror of loneliness, insanity of humans, and blindness of day and night, because if you look, you die.


Many people have strong reading habits and demand the best storybooks to read as part of their everyday routine at night.

The above mentioned are the best horror books by their story to have your goosebumps. These are the most reading collection we are presenting for your consideration. Every scene presented in the stories is relatable; even many of the fictions have been experienced by someone on earth.

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