Best Fishing Techniques – Most Popular Types Of Fishing 2021

best fishing techniques

So today I’m going to tell you guys about some of the best fishing techniques that different anglers use to target a specific type of fish they are targeting, and I’m also going to list some of the most common fishes you can catch using that technique. So let’s get started.


So the first most common and one of the best fishing techniques for beginners is Bottom Fishing. It is the simplest to implement and understand so most of the anglers prefer bottom fishing. In this technique, the angler has to tie a rig put the bait around his hook, and just let his line sink to the bottom of the sea.

Bottom fishing is unpredictable where you can catch just about everything and any size ranging from fingerling to a giant.

Fishing rigs

The most common and the best fishing rigs used in bottom fishing are

    • The sliding sinker rig: The sliding sinker rig is one of the best bottom fishing rigs you’ll find. Its main component is that the egg sinker, which allows you to hook fish without it feeling the load of the lead.
    • A 3-way rig: The spreader rig also known as the chicken rig, it allows you to cover more ground with its two hooks. It’s often used with bank sinkers, making it a good option for rocky bottoms.
    • The knocker rig: The knocker rig consists of a simple barrel swivel connected to a single leader, a sinker, a bead, and a hook at the end. Because of its “straight-line” configuration, the knocker rig allows you to feel the bite instantly.

Where to Fish?

fishing wreaks

When bottom fishing it is key to know where to fish if you are at the wrong location at the right time most probably you are going to come back empty-handed. So these are some of the places you should look for when bottom fishing:

    • Rocky bottom
    • Structures
    • Reef
    • Wreaks

Common Fish Species

Bottom fishing is one of the best fishing techniques where you can catch uncounted species and I’m going to list some most common and targeted ones that you can catch almost about everywhere.

    • Grouper
    • Red Snapper
    • Golden Snapper
    • Reef Cod
    • Parrot Fish
    • Dentex

This is only a small list of some good game fish that you can find when bottom fishing if you want a complete list with successful baits, check here.

Best Baits

Selection of the bait depends upon the fish you are targeting but I have made a list of some of the best baits you can use while using the bottom technique in general:

    • Shrimps
    • Squid
    • Sardines
    • Pin Fish
    • Mullet
    • Flying Fish

These are some of the best baits you can use when using this technique.



Casting is another one of the best fishing techniques that I included in my list. In casting the angler has to tie a lure or a casting spoon at the end of the line and all he has to do is cast and wait for the fish to bite.

But when you are using the method of casting you to have to make sure that you are using the right line, lure, and right knot.  Let’s see that in detail.


When casting one of the most important factors to keep in mind is what knot to use and is it strong enough to hold the bit? Because if not you are going to lose both the fish and your lure. To ensure that you don’t lose any of your fish or lure I’ve made a list of some best knots for casting.






So this was my list of some of the best knots you should tie when casting.


So when casting what kind of lures can you use? Well, it depends on what fish are you targeting. So I’m listing down some Lures you can use when casting and later I’ll talk about what fish can you target using casting.

casting spoon

viber lure

casting lure


silver minnow



If you use casting as one of the best fishing techniques you have to make sure that you use the perfect line. My recommendation is that you must use a braided line for casting if you want to make long casts. You can check our article to find yourself some Best Fishing Line for Spinning Reels.

Where to fish?


    • Near Birds/Fish activity
    • Structures
    • Rocks
    • Piers
    • Tides

Fish Species

I’ve made a list of some good game fish you can catch if you go with casting.

    • Queen Fish
    • King Mackrel
    • Trevally
    • Giant Trevally
    • Tuna


fishing techniques

Trolling is one of the best fishing techniques that exist. In trolling you just have to set your rod with the right lure and the boat will continue to move at a high speed and the drag of your reel will do the job.


You can do trolling almost everywhere where the water is deep enough, the most recommended places where you should troll are the places where you spot any bird activity or baitfish on the surface.


The Gear should include heavy rods and reels like a drum reel/conventional reel, almost 30lb rod and line.


For trolling you can use both mono or braid. If you are using mono it should be at least 30lb and if you are using braid you can go up to 50 – 60lb as it has a very small dia.


In trolling lure selection is the key. You have to select the right color at the right time. In the future, I’ll write an article covering this topic in detail so make sure to subscribe to the newsletter to get updates when I post it. The main type of lures used in trolling are Plugs, Silver Minnow, and dead Bait.

Fish Species

The Species you can come around while trolling is

    • King Mackrel
    • Tuna
    • Wahoo
    • Queen Fish
    • Cobia
    • Barracuda
    • Marlin


It is one of the best fishing techniques in which the bait is left in the water without any weight and is allowed to float along with the water current. It is one of the most popular types of fishing in which the anglers are reported to catch mostly jumbo size fish.

Fish Species

When flatlining the most common fish species you’ll catch are

    • King Mackrel
    • Emperor Fish
    • Golden Snapper
    • Mahi Mahi
    • Cobia
    • Barracuda
    • Queen Fish and many more

5) Jigging

Jigging is one of the best fishing techniques in which the angler uses a metal lure, know as the jig. Most fish caught by jigs are on or near the bottom. In jigging the angler casts the jig and let it sit on the bottom and then retrieve it at a fast speed while jerking the rod.



In jigging you don’t know what monster you are gonna catch is it is a must that you only use a braided line with a mono leader of about 60lb+ both.

Where to Fish?

It is best to jig on the wreaks where the water is about 100+ meters deep.



You can use all kinds of jigs especially shiny ones because if the fish sees it, it will strike.

Fish Species

The question is what fish species you can catch using one of these amazing fishing techniques. I’ve got the answer for you.

    • King Fish
    • Queen Fish
    • AmberJack
    • Emperor Fish
    • Red Snapper
    • Tune
    • Bonita
    • Wahoo


So this was all I’ve got for you guys in this article. If you found my list of these best fishing techniques helpful, don’t forget to check out our other fishing article. If you want to receive more tips related to fishing follow us and subscribe to our newsletter.

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