Benefits of Self Learning and how to Master it

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COVID 19 has affected lots of people and lots of businesses. Many people are confined in their homes and there is nothing left for them to do (except binge-watching Netflix). Kicking back and taking a break is surely healthy for the mind and body, but too much relaxation can make you lazy and unmotivated. So I am here today to tell you about the art and the benefits of online self study, and how you can master it.

Today many people are realizing that the conventional classroom environment is not suitable enough. Traditional classrooms are unable to promote healthy learning practices. Most of the students don’t even know the benefits of the topic that they are learning.

Moreover, self learning is an essential skill and there are many benefits of online self study which in my opinion everybody should know. It gives you a sense of freedom. You feel that you are not confined to the traditional methods of education.

So let us discover the benefits of online self study.

Online Self Study increases confidence

When you are learning something new you face lots of difficulties. Sometimes the topic is not familiar to you at all, but your determination and the motivation to self study keeps you going.

Finally, when you have mastered the topic you were trying to learn, you feel the surge of confidence running throughout your body. Surely, the topic was hard, and you probably scratched your head too much. The knowledge you gained through the process matters. You feel that you can conquer anything. It does not matter what problems you will face in the future, you feel ready to face them and it is one of the benefits of online self study.

Online Self Study helps you in learning more

The self learning process is not like the typical school routine. You are not bound to the text-books provided by the school. Nobody can stop you from reaping the benefits. If you think about it, the world is your book. It is in your hand to decide how much you will gain through self study.

Besides, when you are learning on your own, you discover more than you thought you would. You can pick up any book you want to learn from. Any course that you want to take. Nothing can stop you. Isn’t that exciting?

Benefits of Self-Learning and how to Master it!!!

It is Cheap

Another benefit of online self study is that it does not cost too much. You do not have to pay a lot of tuition fees for the subjects that you don’t even like. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Seriously, that is all you will ever need.

Although, there are paid courses on the internet which provide really good knowledge about the topic. But, the decision is still in your hand. If you don’t want to learn something you can choose to not pay for it. There are lots of free courses on the internet and great teachers to help you.

Youtube can easily be a source of many great courses that are being streamed for free. Another great website from which you can learn is Khan Academy. They have helping and supportive teachers who do their jobs like professionals. With the aid of audio and video, you can get a feel for the topic you are trying to learn.

You can go at your own pace

I think one of the biggest benefits of online self study is this factor. Many students fail just because they are not capable of moving fast. They take their time to understand what is going on. But, the modern education system is designed such that the slow learners can’t keep up with the pace.

When you are learning on your own, you can decide how much you can digest during the day. If the topic is hard to learn you can take your sweet time in understanding it. It is easy for you to learn when you can just pause the lecture and rewind a few minutes. Imagine rewinding your school teacher during the class, that would be hilarious.

As Mark Twain once quoted:

“Best education happens outside the classroom”.

After reading the above headings, the benefits of online self study is more clearer to you than ever. In modern times it is a necessary skill. As the world is advancing, the traditional schooling systems are failing to provide the necessary knowledge.

Self learning although a very helpful skill, but can take some time to get used to. After all, there is no one particular there to help you out. You are doing everything on your own and it is also one of the benefits of self learning that you don’t have to depend on anyone else. So I have also listed out some ways by which you can get the hang of it.

How to practice online self study

Prepare your mind

Before you try something new, you get anxious thinking about it. You are not sure what can happen. It is the same as self learning. Although, it is very effective yet scary. You will have to prepare yourself beforehand. One of the benefits of self learning is that it is up to you what you want to learn, pick out a course, and the website from which you will learn.

Once you get the hang of it, you will be on your way in no time.

Choose the tools wisely

You can only benefit from self learning when you have the right tools. If you are learning about computer programming you will need a computer. If you want to learn gardening, you need to have a shovel at least.

Furthermore, you need to decide, where you are going to learn. Some websites may provide content related to maths, some channels on Youtube are dedicated to history lessons. One of the benefits of self learning is that it is you who will decide what websites you will be learning from.

However, make sure that you are comfortable. Take your time searching for the right tools. They are out there, you just need to have some will power. Make sure that the source from which you are learning is reliable. You do not want the wrong knowledge after all.

Take breaks and practice

Studies have proven that learning something over a short period and practicing for a longer period is effective. When you learn something new, you have to make sure that it stays in your brain for a long time. Frequent breaks after a new lesson and practicing it over time can be very helpful.

This also relates to the fact about going at your own pace. One of the benefits of self learning is that if you feel overwhelmed you can take a break. When you feel like it, resume from where you left off.

Use the technology

Sometimes self learning does not mean that you are following a proper course. You can be learning something by reading articles (Like, right now) or just doing something which is not easily available for learning. Things can get frustrating and completely out of hand.

But, do not fear. Somewhere out there on the internet, someone has faced the same problem. You just need to type the question in the google search bar. I get so much help from people who are experts in their field. If you feel stuck, reach out to them using an online forum or post your question on one. There are many people ready for helping you.


Self learning is the ultimate ability by which the learner does not depend on anyone. They gather and process information on their own. When they become good at their skill, it is hard for an ordinary person to compete with them.

The benefits of the online self study are far more than what I have mentioned. You can only benefit from them when you apply them in your life. Even if you are learning from school or college. You can use these techniques to get better than your colleagues, and it is not confined to educational institutes. Self learning skills can be used anywhere necessary.

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