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artficial intelligence in movies

Artificial intelligence in Movies!!! We all love good sci-fi movies. Although, the plot and story become really crazy and totally unnatural but hey, this science “fiction” that we are talking about from talking Robots to Crazy Aliens. People seem to enjoy whatever the concept is. The logical explanation they give in the movies about “some” scientific phenomenon makes experts giggle.

Artificial intelligence and robots have fascinated movie directors for a long time. Films based on these topics have been in production since the ’60s. The weird idea of machines taking over humanity is mind-blowing and somewhat scary. So because many people love this kind of idea, we have prepared a list that presents artificial intelligence in Movies.

Artificial Intelligence in Movies

If you are a sucker for a good story in movies, then sci-fi movies have been your most favourite. All of the sci-fi movies really depend on a good plot, and although, sometimes, the logic is not correct, it still somehow makes sense. Depicting artificial intelligence in movies require some knowledge about data science and machine learning. So, the directors and producers really have to think and learn about this subject if they really want to present this idea. Artificial intelligence in movies has been a scary topic, too, it is depicted as a technology that will take over humanity.

So, why not just look at the list of artificial intelligence in movies and enjoy

Ex Machina (2014)

Talking about robots taking over the world. The first movie in the list of artificial intelligence in movies is all about this. This movie talks about the famous “Turing test.” The main character is invited to the boss’s house for a vacation, where he founds out that he has an intelligent humanoid that he has to test. This movie has an exciting plot with interesting characters. This sci-fi movie does not have a vast arsenal of characters. It mainly revolves around 4 characters. If you are into artificial intelligence, then you should check it out.

Transcendence (2014)

This is an interesting topic related to artificial intelligence in films. This sci-fi movie talks about a man, a genius man who was thinking about building a sentient computer. He thought that creating something really extra-ordinary as this computer, they will be able to achieve technological singularity.

But, due to some unfortunate events, he cannot physically survive, and he takes some extreme measures that lead to terrible and scary events that may cause an end to humanity. The plot heavily revolves around artificial intelligence in movies. You should check it out if you are into the idea of sentient beings.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

The idea of feeling compassion and love towards a computer is bizarre. Feeling empathy towards something that is working with the help of algorithms and computation, something that is hugely dependent on mathematical rules and although looks, and feels real but deep down is just a bunch of code. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the idea of introducing a child humanoid is interesting that is also very unique when it comes to artificial intelligence in films.

When a couple is gifted with an advanced robotic boy, they start to develop compassion towards the robot. Things start getting bad when the real son of the couple returns and starts feeling jealous of the boy. The couple abandons the boy and lets him be on his own. The boy goes on a journey to become a real boy so he can be part of the family again. When it comes to showing artificial intelligence in movies, we are not used to thinking in this way for the robots. So, be prepared to shed some tears when you watch it.

CHAPPiE (2015)

CHAPPiE is another sci-fi movie following a similar trend as most of the previous movies. Weapon manufacturer “Tetraval” produces state of the art Robots that can work with weapons, are bought by the South African government to be deployed in Johannesberg to control the crime rate. The manufacturer creates an artificial program that can mimic human emotions and feelings. He wants to test this program on a police robot, but the CEO of the company refuses.

He manages to get a broken robot, and on his way home, he is kidnapped by people who want him to do the same thing. They upload a program in the robot and find out that it is in a child-like mental state. Chappie, i.e., the Robot, then has to fight through the struggles that appear due to the gangsters. The idea of developing artificial intelligence in movies is hugely popular, and if you want to follow along with the robot, this movie is perfect for you.

The Matrix (1999)

The idea behind The Matrix is very unique and chilling. The idea that we are living in a simulation is still prevalent in this era. This idea became hugely popular after this film. The role of artificial intelligence in movies have mostly been shown as brilliant machines that will cause an end to humanity.

Very intelligent Artificial Intelligence has taken over humanity and harvesting there energy by keeping them alive and showing them a simulation. All humans live in a virtual simulation and go about their lives. One computer hacker is contacted by someone known as Morpheus, Morpheus promises the hacker that he will show the truth about the world if he swallows the red pill.

Artificial intelligence in movies has always been on the front of the screen, working as helping robots, police robots, etc. In The Matrix, the idea that all of humanity is being controlled by a superior intelligence that nobody knows about is what made The Matrix famous.

Iron Man

The Iron Man series and most importantly, the 2nd and 3rd films are all about artificial intelligence turning against humans. The famous assisting software program, known as JARVIS, has become the most popular artificial intelligence in movies. JARVIS is a program that aids Tony Stark (Iron Man) in all of his missions. Calculating the route, analyzing the suits, scheduling meetings, JARVIS is capable of doing everything that you can think about.

In the 2nd and 3rd films, the suits that Tony Stark has created are used against him. He, with the help of JARVIS, is on a mission to clean up the world from evils. To achieve this goal, he has to shut down his weapon manufacturing company and has to destroy all known stashes of his weaponry, or else, some evil minds will take inspiration and create something dangerous.

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

In the year 2049, humans have created bioengineered humans that are known as replicants. One replicant, known as ‘K,’ works for LAPD as a blade runner, an officer who kills the replicants that have gone rogue. During one of his missions, he discovers a secret that can bring danger to humanity. His seniors advise him to find more about the mystery. In his journey, he meets up with a former blade runner who has disappeared 30 years ago.

The idea of A. I killing other artificial intelligence in movies is unique. It also talks about the possible unique relationship that humans can develop with a brilliant computer, and how humans will control these computers. When artificial intelligence realizes that they are more powerful than humans, things can go terribly wrong.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Tony Stark and Bruce Banner are ready to initialize a peacekeeping program known as “Ultron.” They discover that Loki’s sceptre has a gem that has artificial intelligence capabilities. They create a sentient using a mind gem. The sentient, Ultron, turns against the human and believes that humanity must be eradicated. He starts making contacts with wrongdoers and starts a supply of vibranium. He creates an arc reactor in Sokovia using the vibranium, planning to blow off the arc reactor in order to end humanity.

This movie follows the classical plan of artificial intelligence movies films. Someone creates an intelligent robot, and it turns against its creators and believes that humans are a curse and should be ended. If you are into sci-fi movies, then the Age of Ultron is the right choice. You will need some Marvel cinematic knowledge tho, to properly understand the characters. If you are watching just to see artificial intelligence in films, then no one is stopping you.

I, Robot (2004)

This movie also revolves around the idea of artificial intelligence taking over humanity by creating a destructive plan. A policeman who has a hatred for robots and humanoids takes on the mission of discovering the reality behind the death of a person. He believes that the death was not a suicide, but a robot was involved in this matter. During his investigation, he discovers a secret that can become a threat to humanity

The Machine (2013)

This sci-fi movie is incredible. With artificially intelligent robots communicating in their own language that no one can understand. The ideas explored in this movie is what enabled it to be on this list of artificial intelligence in movies. The United Kingdom is trying to build robots that can aid in the war against China. The work goes terribly wrong, and they end up creating a robot weapon that is in no one’s control


The idea of artificial intelligence in movies has always fancied people. By thinking of all the possible ways artificial intelligence can affect humanity, people have been able to look at all the perspectives. Artificial intelligence in movies has usually been portrayed as superior beings that might one day take over humanity. Still, there is much artificial intelligence in movies that are described as human aids, helping humans in a difficult task, doing all the hard work.

Waving Robot

No matter what is shown in the movie, it is an actual fact that we will always enjoy a good sci-movie no matter what. Tell us what your favourite movie is.

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