5 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained

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Cat Behavior For Cat Owners

cat behaviour

If you have a cat then you probably freak out when they just stare into oblivion. It is especially scary when your feline friend starts running around chasing invisible people. These are some of the weird cat behaviours. Understanding cat behaviour is hard if you are new to cats. If you are not careful, you might get a good scratch on your arms.

Cats think of themselves as our overlords. The deceiving and cute antics they pull off are just because they want to find a chance to scratch you. If you are not careful you might have a bad day.

Cats are very expressive when they start trusting the people that it lives around with. They communicate via special cat body language. People who do not have experience with cats can be totally oblivious. Whatever the cat will do. it will appear as a weird cat behaviour to these people.

So in this article, I will help you in understanding the cat behaviour. I am not gonna make you an expert but I will talk about five of them that I considered very strange and misleading. Cats are very vocal when it comes to conveying their feelings. Cat body language is vast and it is not easy to understand. Here I will discuss these 5 behaviours.

Understanding the Cat Behavior

  • Cute Belly Rolling
  • Head Bumps
  • Slow Blinking
  • Teeth Chitter-Chittar
  • The Dead Gifts

Let’s pounce into the good stuff, shall we?

Weird Cat Behavior

The Belly Rolls

Ok, this is straight-up dangerous and misleading cat behaviour. This cat body language is cute to watch but might be a little dangerous. If you see your cat roll over and show its belly whenever you come around, it might be a good or bad sign. Most of the time, when the cat rolls over and shows you its belly, it means that you and your cat have developed the highest level of trust.

Cats are predators, in their natural habitat they always have to be on the highest level of attention. Any wrong move and their pray might run away. So when they show you their belly and completely expose themselves this means that they are comfortable and trust you completely.

But, you still have to be careful. Some cats may have a very sensitive belly and they will not enjoy the experience when you will rub it. If you have a kitten then you might have noticed this. Because adult cats do not allow you anyway. If you roll your kitten over and touch their belly, they will scratch and bite you. Although, this is wrong in so many ways but just for science. It is better to just appreciate the feeling of trust that you both have made from afar.

This is a very normal cat behaviour and it should not be any concern. Also, remember that if a cat is feral then this behaviour is an act of defence. By laying low and showing all four of their limbs, they are trying to tell that they are ready for anything that might come in their way.

You can also see how the person in the video is not touching the stomach area. He is just petting the cat on its cheeks and head. He knows that understanding cat behaviour is important and what needs to be avoided.

You can read it more here.

Head Bumping

If your cat gently touch or bump you with their nose and head then do not freak out. This is the way a cat marks something as their “property”. Do not be surprised by this weird cat behaviour though. When cats are comfortable in their habitat they spread their scent on the stuff around them. Cats do this behaviour in order to recognize each other when they are sharing the same territory. They also scratch and bite to make marks in order to claim a territory

So, if a cat is bumping you and trying to smell you, and they still stick around you then congratulations. Your cat has just marked you as their own and trusts you completely. If you are a person dealing with anxiety then this little act of kindness from your pet might be a medicine. Gentle bumps along with the purring sound are the most soothing and comforting experiences ever. This is also a very normal cat behaviour.

What you can do is, gently touch them back and show affection.

Slow Eye Blinking

Have you ever noticed that when you look at a cat, and it very slowly and drunkenly blinks at you? this weird cat behaviour can be mistaken for a regular blink if you are new to cats. It is important to know that cats although predators, they are also prey. They are very vulnerable out in the open. That is why they seek out high places.

So when they close their eyes for this long time. They are very vulnerable when they do this. But, you should be very happy. This is the most solid indicator that the cat is contempt with you. This is the cat body language that proves that the cat loves you. Well, what would you do in return? You would not believe this but there is something that you have to do in return.

The most appropriate thing is to do is to blink back. Even if you do not know the cat you can blink back. This is to show the feline friend that you consider them as friends too. What I do is whenever I see a cat and make eye contact. I always blink really slowly. The cat will always blink back at you. Mimicking the cat body language simply acts as a bonding action. Do this to your cat on a daily basis. You will develop a deeper bond. Just like the others, this is also a normal cat behaviour

Teeth Chitter-Chatter

One of the weird cat behaviour is the teeth’s chattering. This cat behaviour is observed in indoor cats. Mostly, indoor cats are totally bound inside the house. Although it has been many years since the cats were domesticated, the natural instinct to hunt has still resided. So, when an indoor cat spots a bird or a squirrel from the house window, it’s jaws will start chittering. You will observe that the cat is excited and sitting in a hunting position. The ears will be straight and eyes will be focusing. This is the cat body language that conveys that they want to play.

It might be due to the frustration of the cat. As the cat cannot leave the premises. The natural instinct and the urge to hunt has kicked-in in full power. If you are not allowed to do that you have been doing for many years then you might get very agitated too. This is exactly what your cat does after being unable to perform naturally.

One solution might be is to get them toys that stimulate their hunter’s instinct. You can go here to look at some of the toys. You should remember that this is a completely normal cat behaviour and there is nothing specifically wrong with this.

Bringing you Dead Animals

This is one of the very gross and weird cat behaviour. Understanding cat behaviour and especially, this one for new cat owners is difficult. Let me explain this to people who have not experienced this before. So, if you have a cat that you allow to go outdoors then that cat will bring in dead squirrels, birds, or anything that they hunt. So this might freak you out but this is a completely normal cat behaviour.

There is no, one special reason for this cat behaviour. There are multiple reasons. Some say that this is because cats start considering you as a part of their family and this is a normal cat behaviour to bring food for its family. If you are the only resource from which the cat gets the food then bringing prey to you means that they want you to store it for later. Whatever the reason is, you should be happy about it. Consider these dead animals as a gift and an offering from your feline friend.


Cat Body language and Normal Cat Behavior

All of the above strange and weird cat behaviours described are completely normal. You should remember that although cats are pets and are really cute, they also are an animal who used to hunt and survive in the wild. They have been domesticated quite a while ago but the natural instinct still remains in them.

Cat body language is vast. As they cannot speak they tend to use their body to communicate with their fellows. Having knowledge of normal cat behaviour is extremely useful when you are thinking of getting a cat. Cats are not as easy to understand if you do not know much about their behaviour.

They are really expressive but it still might confuse many people. So if you are considering getting a cat then having good knowledge about cat behaviour will be very helpful.

I hope you learned something new. Share this article if you enjoyed it.

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