5 Cutest Cat Breeds That Will Melt Your Heart

cutest cat breeds, cutest breeds of cat

Cats are not that popular compared to dogs. People associate so many bad things with them that it is difficult for someone to make a choice between a cat and a dog. In the end, dogs usually win. The dogs were around for a long time. They have been by the human’s side, hunting, foraging, and helping them.

Cats have been domesticated not that long ago. Also, it is clear that dogs are more loyal and loving to humans than cats. Cats are associated with many superstitions in many cultures This make cats less popular than dogs. In order to make you love cats, we will tell you about the cutest cat breeds, after knowing about them, I am sure that you will have a place for cats, in your heart.

The cutest cat breeds that we will introduce you to, are unique in colour, shapes, and sizes but there is one thing similar, they all are downright gorgeous. Cats are popular as vicious and sly and cat behaviour is unusual for some people. They usually do not care about what is going on but if you try enough and manage to make a place in their hearts then you are very lucky my friend. The difficulty in making them fall in love with you is what makes them challenging. Well, if it is that hard then we will do the opposite. We will make you fall in love with them. So let us look at the cutest breeds of cat.


cutest cat breeds, cutest breeds of cat

This one of the cutest cat breeds that is often mistaken for another breed which is also one of the cutest breeds of a cat called Siamese, both of these breeds share the same features. They both have a path of black hair covering there nose, ears, paws, and tail. The rest of the body colour is similar to Siamese, Balinese have a Whitish Brown fur that makes them really adorable. The equally beautiful blue eyes that might pierce your heart with cuteness. This kind of colour combination reminds people of nature, the ocean, and the beach.

One difference between the Siamese and Balinese is that Balinese have a flowing coat that is when touched feels silky. Balinese can be called a ball of fur as they are really floofy and adorable. The tail is especially really floofy. There is a reason we added Balinese in our cutest cat breeds list. Balinese are silly and funny. The Balinese kittens are really playful and can be great with kids. Balinese is known to have higher intelligence than the other cat breeds. Isn’t it heartwarming to know that one of the cutest breeds of cat is so well accustomed to humans? Get yourself a Balinese and have a game of fetch with one of the cutest breeds of cat.


cutest cat breeds, cutest breeds of cat

This one of the cutest cat breeds has a tint of gold on the tip of there nose, ears, paws, and tail. They are known to originate in Burma, France. There is a mythical story related with Birmans. It is said that they were companions of a priest in Northern Burma. In World War 2, the Birmans were nearly wiped out but a pair was kept safe, thanks to that rescue, Birmans are now a part of one of the cutest cat breeds.

Although, one of the cutest breeds of cat, Birmans are strong. They have a powerful muscular body and a semi-long fur. The sharp blue eyes that are adorable and big. With blue eyes and a round face, Birmans are adorable and cutest cat breeds. As kittens, Birmans have a white coat that may change into a different colour as they mature. This breed does not require that much grooming and it does not shed hair. You can groom a Birman, if you want to, once every two weeks.

Birmans are calm and contained but they have a very playful side. These cutest cat breeds are excellent for kids. There calm and cool demeanour is perfect when you are considering a cat for your children. Birmans are very playful and require some exercise to exhaust their energy. So make sure that you have lots of toys for one of the cutest breeds of cat.

British Short Hair

cutest cat breeds, cutest breeds of cat

British Shorthairs are round. They have a round face, paws, and tail. People also refer to them as British Blues, as their fur was greyish blue but now Shorthairs come in many combinations of colour patterns. These cutest cat breeds are chubby and have a stockier frame. They are referred to as purring teddy-bears by the CFA. This breed also has one more variety that is known as British Longhair. The difference is pretty easy to get. The Shorthairs have a dense coat that is short. There chubbiness and silliness is the reason why they are also one of the cutest breeds of cats.

The males of this breed have a larger body frame then the females. They are medium to large cats. They have short legs. The combination of short legs and round features makes them appear stocky and cutest cat breeds.

Once they move past the kitten stage, they develop a cool and calm personality. They are easy-going and have low energy. They are not very playful. They make a good family cat. They do not like to sit on laps or being carried around. Do not be fooled by one of the cutest breeds of cat or you will get a scratch. They do not like to be old around and will not tolerate anything from naughty children. Make sure that kids are behaving well in front of them.


cutest cat breeds, cutest breeds of cat

The most popular and the cutest cat breeds. No, seriously, Persians are the most popular breeds in America, if not in the world. Persians have a long and dense coat with many colour combinations. Persians have the sweetest and gentlest personality. With there big, round eyes they will surely melt your heart right away. One of the cutest cat breeds, Persians have made a place in everyone’s hearts.

Persians are the epitome of lap-sitting cats. They are not furiously playful but they will enjoy a nice playtime with their favourite toy. They are the royals. Persians like to sit and give poses in front of the people. The most glamorous and decent cat breeds, Persians were a must in our list of cutest cat breeds.

Persians are playful but they are not as high spirited as the other breeds. They are curious and sometimes silly. They have great tolerance and can accept some rough handling from a child but keep in mind that they are cats, they can give nightmares if things get bad.

Because of there long coat, Persians require constant grooming. It is better to start when they are kittens so they get used to it. The fur tends to collect dust particles so it is also good to give them a bath, once in a while. Persians shed lots of hair. You will see fur everywhere. On the sofa, kitchen top, clothes, and even in there vomit. So make sure that you grab some good fur products. If you want to feel what it is like to serve a royal, make sure that you get a Persian. They will prove to you that they are one of the cutest cat breeds.


cutest cat breeds, cutest breeds of cat

The most cutest of the cutest cat breeds. Ragdolls have some traits that make have allowed them to be mentioned in this list of the cutest breeds of cats. If you are wondering where the name Ragdoll came from, well, it is because of one personality trait. If you hold a Ragdoll in your hands, these cuties will melt in your arms. The Ragdolls, limp or loosen their muscles that create an illusion of a ragdoll being handled, this is why the name Ragdoll came into being. Ragdolls are considered the cutest breeds of cats due to so many reasons.

Ragdolls come in many many colour combinations and patterns. They have a silky long coat that is very easy to groom and take care of. You do not have to sit for hours in order to groom a Ragdoll. They are the most popular when it comes to tolerance. Ragdolls are the quietest breeds, they do not tend to meow very much even when they are in pain.

They love to be handled by hands and very tolerant. They are perfect for people living in apartments. Ragdolls are highly adaptable and are comfortable with change. They love to hang around people and to sit in their laps. This single reason is enough to enlist them as one of the cutest cat breeds.

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We hope that this article has shown you the cutest breeds of cats. These kitties that are listed are considered cutest cat breeds by us. With their unique traits and style, we hope that they have melted your heart.

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